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The best things to do in Leipzig

Leipzig is a city of culture, to put it mildly. The city helped produce some of the most famous musical and philosophical geniuses of all time. From Bach to Wagner, Goethe to Martin Luther Leipzig has played host to a myriad of great thinkers. This culturally rich tradition has left modern Leipzig filled to the brim with outstanding art galleries, concert halls and museums.  This means that there are an equally astounding number of things to do in Leipzig. Through Leipzig you can walk in the footsteps of some of the most famous Germans of all time, though this doesn’t mean Leipzig is stuffy or past-tense in any way. It is a lively modern city that happens to hold a fantastic amount of historical importance and a wealth of things to do. All of that can be discovered with one of Eat the World's fantastic Food and Culture Tours!

Things to do in Leipzig: History

If there is any city in Germany deserving of a second look as far as history in concerned, it is Leipzig. Luckily the city was not as affected by the bombings in the Second World War as other German cities, so many historic 16th and 17th century buildings still stand, especially downtown. A simple walk through the city center can lead you to the footsteps of the church where Johann Sebastian Bach acted as cantor until his death (where he was buried, in fact), or the setting to a scene in Goethe’s famous work Faust. A visit to Germany’s oldest botanical garden is also a one of the many worthwhile things to do in Leipzig.  This rich history has also given Leipzig one of the most impressive collections of museums in Europe. There are individual museums devoted to Bach, Wagner, Mendelssohn, as well as countless galleries featuring everything from musical instruments to classical art. The city itself has also played a crucial part in a few chapters of German history. The Montagsgebet, or Monday prayers at the St. Nicholas Church were the beginning of peaceful protests against the DDR’s regime in the 1980s before the Berlin wall came down. Leipzig is definitely a destination for lovers of history, as these attractions make up a huge bulk of the many things to do in Leipzig.

Things to do in Leipzig: Food

Luckily, Leipzig is a city steeped in food history as well.  The first coffee bar in Germany opened in Leipzig in 1698, and is in fact still open today (with a museum of coffee available upstairs of course). But coffee isn’t the only delicacy Leipzig has to offer. The blend of traditional and modern cuisines found in the restaurants and cafes make eating one of the most marvelous things to do in Leipzig. The famous sour beer known as Gose is a local beverage not to be missed, alongside the Leipziger Allerlei, which can be translated to a kind of Leipzig all-sorts.  But outside of these traditional East German dishes, Leipzig has a vibrant and varied food scene to offer. Eat the World is happy to offer two of our unique culinary walking tours in this historic city that explore the old and the new that Leipzig has to offer: peaceful Plagwitz and crazy Südvorstadt.  With a city as vast and varied as Leipzig, a tour with us is the perfect introduction to all the possible things to do here. We look forward to showing you a taste of Leipzig. 

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