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Berlin Headquarters

Astrid lives in Berlin and Hamburg, two great cities with a lot to offer when it comes to the culinary arts. She loves food, the finer things in life, and above all, sharing it with friends, family, and the like-minded. Always up for something new, Astrid loves to try newfangled things outside of Eat the World as well, such as wine tours in the Rheingau wine region, gin gatherings in Hamburg, and wine & cheese tastings in Berlin, not to mention sampling new restaurants and food halls. And although she enjoys evenings spent lounging on the sofa and leafing through gourmet publications such as essen&trinken, BEEF!, or Chefkoch, Astrid’s actually not such a fan of cooking herself, unless it’s with the help of her handy Thermomix. But no matter, because she makes up for it with a passion for numbers and her career!

Karin was born in Berlin and loves “her” city. She is a product manager with us and manages everything that has to do with Berlin: she develops new tours and is the contact person for customers, culinary partners and tour guides. She also supports our franchisers. After studying transport management and logistics, Karin spent a year as an au pair in Paris and a semester at an internship in Chicago. At the end of her studies, she worked for an airline in Berlin, and then an account manager at an advertising agency. Karin loves to travel and likes all kinds of food, from hearty home cooking (like Königsberger Klopse meatballs) to sweet treats (like apple pancakes or Donauwelle, a type of cake) and international food – she’s up for anything, loves to go out to eat and experiments on her own stove.

Tina was born in Berlin and loves the many facets of her home town. As a qualified travel agent, she enjoys discovering othe countries and their various cuisines. She loves pasta and soups, and enjoys cooking for her family and friends. She is a passionate collecter of recipes! After completing her diploma, Tina worked for many years as a rental car broker, both in practice and in an office. In February 2014 she joined our team as a product manager, taking control of Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden. Because of her extensive experience in tourism, she also takes care of the business to business area. In her free time, she likes to spend time in nature with her children and experience the world through their eyes.

Angela was born and raised in Berlin, and although she loves traveling to other cities and countries and discovering new cultures, her heart belongs to her hometown. She completed her studies in Economics in Berlin, with a focus on Tourism, and is now a Junior Product Manager at Eat the World. As a half Ukrainian, half Serbian, and with a Turkish stepfather, Angela not only grew up in a multicultural world, but she also came to know the diversity of different cultures and culinary dishes from an early age. She loves sampling different cuisines and is always open to new things!

Eva was born in Austria and grew up in beautiful Berlin. As a child, she learned how to prepare delicious Austrian dishes such as Knödel and Sachertorte from her mother. In her free time, Eva likes to travel the world experiencing foreign cultures and cheer on the Berlin basketball teams with her friends; she’s even been known to throw a few baskets herself every now and then! During her studies in tourism and event management, she gained experience in cultural marketing and project and event management. Eva has supported us as a Junior Product Manager since March 2016 and is responsible for everything running smoothly in Saarbrücken, Essen, Duisburg, Muelheim a.d. Ruhr, Dortmund, Bochum, Wuppertal und Duesseldorf.

Vanessa was born and raised in Hanover, but has lived in her adopted hometown of Berlin for nearly ten years now. Following a traditional hotelier traineeship and studies in hotel management, she was drawn to the sea and spent nearly four years working for different cruise lines within the Shore Operations division. This opportunity allowed her to see the world, exploring every nook and cranny from Norway to Israel to India. However, Vanessa began to miss solid ground beneath her feet and eventually made the transition back to land; she joined the Eat the World in September 2016 as a Product Manager. When it comes to food, Vanessa loves trying new things, but her favorite dish would have to be her mother’s homemade rouladen.

Dörte was born and grew up on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen - she was already born with the joy of traveling. She studied tourism management and economic geography and worked for several years as a freelance tourism consultant in the field of sustainability and development cooperation after graduating. As a consultant, Dörte was traveling a lot in Asia and was able to thoroughly indulge her passion for the Asian cuisine during her travels. At home in Berlin she likes to cook herself, preferably with fresh ingredients directly from her own garden bed. Since the beginning of 2019 Dörte supports us in product management.

Roland was born and raised directly on the French border in Saarbrücken, and eventually landed in Berlin followings stays in Trier and the Ruhr region. The motto of his homeland, "Hauptsach´gut gess," (which basically means “we are fine as long as we have some good food”) is still firmly anchored in him. In addition to his many years as a project manager for European educational projects, Roland has worked in a bar and has long been a firm sustainability advocate. He prefers to undertake his city explorations via train- whether it be though Moscow or Milan. A perfect combination of professional and personal interests naturally led Roland to Eat the World, where he is responsible for human resources and personnel development.

Marco, who grew up in the beautiful Taunus mountain range near Frankfurt am Main, joins Petra as our second Hessian in the group. His studies in tourism and work in the hotel industry led him from Hesse to Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg before finally landing him in Berlin, where he was immediately captivated by the city’s diversity. Marco works in our team assistance division where he takes care of all your reservations and inquiries, in addition to all team affairs. Culinary preferences of Marco’s include everything from hearty to light, extravagant to classic, and domestic to international: the main thing is that it ends up on the table!

Jessica is a true Berliner who loves to explore her neighborhood. She has worked in the hotel industry for 10 years and her studies focused on sustainable tourism management. Now Jessica works together with Marco in the team assistance department where she is responsible for everything customer and colleague related. Her interests include distant lands and soccer.

Cassandra was born in Berlin and works with Jessi and Marco in Customer Relations. She is the contact person for our customers and gladly takes care of your bookings, requests and other matters. For several years, Cassandra worked in the hotel industry and most recently for a Berlin weather service. She loves the sun, nature and the sea. That's why, for some time, she also worked on river and cruise ships. Although she has been able to get to know unique destinations in the Caribbean, Scandinavia and the Western Mediterranean, she has not seen everything yet and in her spare time she is hungry for new countries. Speaking of hunger! Cassandra loves Asian cuisine. But her absolute favorite food is dumplings with red cabbage and roast goose.

Ana's family hails from Croatia, where she spent many long, warm summers throughout her childhood. She herself is a native of Berlin and has always had a knack for languages, which is why she opted to study linguistics. Following a semester abroad in Zagreb, an internship in Padua, and a master’s degree in Dresden, Ana returned to Berlin and has supported our Online Marketing team ever since, where she is responsible for the website, blog, newsletter, social media channels, and online partnerships. Interests include staying up-to-date on the latest exciting TV shows, traveling (preferably to exciting cities and dreamy islands), and of course, sweets - Ana has yet to meet a cake or dessert which she didn’t like!

Rolf grew up in Franconia. Born in Fürth, he came to Berlin about ten years ago, where he still feels at home. Together with Ana, he is responsible for everything that has anything to do with PR or marketing at Eat the World. He likes to travel, preferably with his bicycle or hiking backpack. Every now and then he overcomes his fear of flying and jets off into distant lands. After work, Rolf likes to watch series or go on a culinary journey in Berlin. Which kitchen inspires him most changes from month to month. At the moment, however, Japanese and South Korean dishes are particularly popular.

Juri hails from Cádiz in southern Spain, and eventually ended up in Berlin after spending some time in Madrid. The experienced Feel-Good Manager discovered his passion for the culinary arts very early on and has true knack for sniffing out as many colleagues as possible. Juri likes long walks on the beach and was a fan of street food long before it was hip – he finds the trend to be quite conducive to his height, especially when your loss is his gain. He enjoys dining out, but isn’t too picky when it comes to choosing a spot; typically the first thing he finds suits him just fine. Juri is a true jack of all trades here at Eat the World and his years of experience have cultivated a fine nose to know at any time in which office his support is most needed.

Team Augsburg

Christine is a Rhinelander by birth, and moved to Bavaria in the 80s for professional reasons. After working in the Kaiserstuhl in Hesse and Cologne, she moved about to Bavaria a few years ago. Already having worked in the catering world for many years, she was inspired by the idea of a Augsburg as a culinary center for locals and guests. Her favorite place in Augsburg is the Stadtmarkt, where she regularly buys fresh products from the region. She also enjoys trips to the nearby mountains, hiking, and skiing as leisurely activities. 

Anna initially moved to Augsburg to study, but stayed after she realized that the city had a lot to offer! She constantly finds herself dragging visitors into new restaurants, including the famous Augsburg Fuggerei. Anna herself prefers to maintain an organic vegetarian lifestyle and is interested in vegan alternatives after discovering Ethiopian cuisine. Absolute favorite food: chocolate! Anna is always planning her next big trip, one of the most memorable of which was managing tourist groups at a sanctuary for smuggled jungle animals.

Charlotte hails from the lovely Unterallgäu in Bavaria; she left her home region three years ago to study in Augsburg and has never looked back. What Charlotte especially likes about Augsburg is that it combines the advantages of a big city with the personal charm of a small town. In her spare time, Charlotte likes to meet up with friends, try out new recipes, and travel as often as possible, preferably to anyplace sunny! Her favorite aspect of the cultural and culinary city tours is that it allows her to simultaneously share her passion for food and enthusiasm for the city of Augsburg with other people.

Giulia is half-Italian and was always interested in foreign languages and cultures, which is why she decided to study the Italian and Ibero-Romance languages, thus prompting her to move from the Bavarian Chiemsee area to Augsburg. What Gulia particularly likes about Augsburg is that the city is neither too big, nor too small, and it has a totally unique charm of its own. In addition to traveling, she lists cooking, sports, sewing, and crafts as her top hobbies. When Gulia leads an Eat the World tour, she especially enjoys that she is bound to come into contact with nice, new people and that she can show them her new adopted hometown.

Jessica, who is also called by her nickname Jessi, has lived in Augsburg since 2010. Fortunately, Augsburg has won against Bamberg as a city of study! She thinks it is just perfect to live here. It is small enough to meet interesting people again and again, yet it is big enough to enjoy a wide range of cultural and culinary offers. Whether it is about strolling through town, going out to dance, or to the theatre – in Augsburg everything is possible. What Jessi loves most is that so many residents of this town engage in social institutions, for example the “Grand Hotel Cosmopolis”. When it comes to food she is easy to satisfy. It just needs to be delicious and diverse. She loves Indian food, but is also open to every other international cuisine. She loves to indulge her sweet tooth, so she would never say no to sweets. She isn’t the best cook and instead of standing in the kitchen she likes to try new restaurants. In her leisure time she loves to read and play soccer.

Team Bamberg

Maren, who studied art history and heritage preservation studies, has been in Bamberg for over 20 years now. Despite a few stays in Munich, Stuttgart, Paris, and southern France, she is happy to be back in Bamberg and has found the city to hold a special place as the center of her universe. She has several years of professional experience in the art trade and as a tour guide. In everyday life, she likes to take on any culinary challenge and enjoys cooking vegetarian—and sometimes vegan—cuisine, and of course anything with an international flare! But above all, Maren has a sweet tooth, with a special penchant for cakes and candies of every variety.

Elfi, a native of Hamburg, is now a retired teacher who has once again found herself back in her beautiful hometown. She mainly cooks vegetarian, and has a particular penchant for Ayurvedic cooking due to its variety of oriental spices. What she loves best about her Franconian birthplace is the unbeatable price-performance ratio, the concentration of breweries in and around Bamberg, and the short distance to the renowned Franconian wine region. Elfi finds long walks through the diverse cultural landscape, followed by refreshments, to be relaxing, and was instantly drawn to the idea of combining culinary aspects with culture within the framework of walking city tours.

Lea came from Kassel via Leipzig to study art history in Bamberg and she was quickly inspired by the city with its historic houses and large parks. She uses the surrounding countryside for hiking and cycling trips with friends and enjoys the many culinary options. She is interested in gardening and likes to cook fresh and regional. The culinary tours of Eat the World are such an ideal cover of their preferences. Traveling together in the city and getting to know many friendly and open-minded people who talk about their projects, ideas and family traditions - fun and inspiration at the same time!

Three years ago, Martin set out from deep Lower Bavaria to start a teaching degree in Social Education and English in Bamberg. The numerous breweries and picturesque beer cellars did the same to him in Bamberg as did the various cafes in the city. When not busy studying, he enjoys spending his free time exploring the surrounding countryside by bike, playing football, or even venturing to the stove as a chef. Since he likes to travel as a frequent guest in the local localities, the job as a culinary city guide was predestined for him.

Monika hails from a small town in the Hallertau. After many years in Munich and New Zealand, she spent five years as a traveling tour guide in almost all European countries before heading back to Bamberg to continue her studies. Monika’s university majors included the study of the Islamic Orient, European Ethnology, and History- subjects as diverse as her general interests! When she's not brushing up on Arabic vocab or studying the daily life of European nations, Monika likes to spend her time cooking, especially using ingredients which are organic, healthy, international, and ideally from her own garden—her window sills are currently crammed full of herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables. Monika fell in love with Bamberg on her first day in the city: the Old Town, the Hain park, all the cultural offerings…she loves it all! She thinks Bamberg is the perfect city to fit to her personal motto: “A smile costs nothing, but it’s worth a lot!”

Team Berlin

Amelie has lived in Berlin since 2008, technically making her a learned Berliner (but an enthusiastic one!). As an IHK certified tour guide, she is constantly searching for the happy medium between old and new. When she’s not off with guests exploring the ever-changing city, Amelie’s main job is as a harpsichordist, which keeps her quite busy with solo concerts and structured musical readings. Amelie especially loves bringing friends together around her dining table to cook new recipes.

Amelie originally comes from Bamberg, has lived for some time in Würzburg and finally came to Berlin to study. As a citizen of the big city, she does not want to leave here too fast! She loves the diversity of cultures and possibilities in Berlin. She loves to spend time with friends in cafés, because the scent of fresh pastries reminds her of her childhood in the bakery of her grandparents. Through her interest in culture and history, she has always worked in museums alongside her studies, and she enjoys sharing in her passions through the guided tours.

Andre is Spandau born and bred and also a qualified estate agent, who is often drawn to the ‘city’ to experience the changes this multicultural metropolis has undergone up close, both in terms of culture and development, and urban regeneration. Whilst on the tram or tube, Andre enjoys watching how tourists from around the world encounter the Berlin dialect. To balance things out, Andre likes running, going on hiking trips in Scandinavia, or enjoying weekend breaks in Tel-Aviv. Together with friends, Andre likes to try out small cafés, bars and restaurants away from the tourist trail and is always open to new and untried delicacies. He also enjoys a culinary challenge and loves cooking for friends and family, as well as trying out new recipes. His favorite dishes are pasta with various combinations of vegetables, and original Wiener schnitzel. He also has a soft spot for his mother’s homemade roulade.

Andrea is an art historian and novelist who has lived all over the world, including places such as Spain and Brazil. Traveling is her passion and her favorite destinations are those where you can enjoy tasty food, because in her opinion, cooking and eating go hand in hand with a happy life. Andrea loves Berlin as the base for all her adventures around the globe. The versatility of the city and the mixture of the cultures are fascinating to her. Beyond that, the city’s offers of cultural activities provide something for every taste. In the summer she enjoys the lakes and her boat. 

Andreas, a native of Kassel, has lived in Berlin since 1990. As a contemporary dancer and improv teacher, he has traveled all over and toured many stages and restaurants – he even learned “al dente” cooking while working as an au pair in Rome. When he wasn’t traveling, Andreas enjoyed introducing the people of Berlin to culinary delicacies via the "Tartes de Tom" and "got dessert" stands at the weekly markets. Now a professional tour guide for large groups, Andreas continues to cultivate his love of history, art, languages, and trivia.

Angelika has been in Berlin for 30 years and feels very comfortable here. She loves the diversity and openness of the city’s people and visitors. She likes to roam through the city which is always changing and moving. That’s how she’s gotten to know and love so many of Berlin’s different corners, its museums, squares and bars. She’s especially interested in everything that has to do with good food, because cooking comes as second nature to her. She likes to surprise her friends with several-course menus that are often composed of unusual combinations. Her motto is: good ingredients, freshly prepared, always taste good. The kitchen is her stage, for cooking as well as for her whole life.

Angelika has been in Berlin for 30 years and feels very comfortable here. She loves the diversity and openness of the city’s people and visitors. She likes to roam through the city which is always changing and moving. That’s how she’s gotten to know and love so many of Berlin’s different corners, its museums, squares and bars. She’s especially interested in everything that has to do with good food, because cooking comes as second nature to her. She likes to surprise her friends with several-course menus that are often composed of unusual combinations. Her motto is: good ingredients, freshly prepared, always taste good. The kitchen is her stage, for cooking as well as for her whole life.

Bärbel is a born and bred Berliner, growing up in Tempelhof and staying faithful to the southwest area of the city. Mother to three grown-up children, and now a grandmother too, she also holds a degree in Public Administration. In her spare time, Bärbel likes to read. Otherwise, you'll find her Nordic walking or out on her bike. Her favorite pastimes, however, are travel and handicrafts. She is continually amazed at how her home city has changed, but also at how many beautiful corners are still waiting to be discovered.  

Carolin has seen a lot of the world, but has always remained true to Berlin. After graduating high school in Frohnau, she moved to Florence, Italy to study art history and restoration, which is where she learned how to cook and concurrently discovered a passion for the Mediterranean cuisine that remains to this day. Once back in Berlin, Carolin lived in several different neighborhoods and currently calls Schöneberg home. She has been inspired by Berlin’s transition and its diverse history, which is what encouraged her to become a tour guide several years ago: so that she might share this enthusiasm with the world. Carolin’s work as a painting restorer is rather reclusive in nature and therefore the possibility to work as a city tour guide is a welcome change for her. The exciting job gives her the opportunity to show her interactive and communicative side, and brings her in contact with interesting people. 

Daniel came to Berlin from the wild north that is Hanover where he experienced everything the city had to offer, both in the cultural and culinary sense – after all, the hometown of artist Kurt Schwitters, the Hannover Scorpions hockey team, and of course kale and pinkel certainly has a lot to offer! But there was just something new, fresh, exciting, and thrilling about Berlin, so he made the leap, and 20 years later, he still can’t get enough of his new home. Daniel travels all over Berlin by foot, bicycle, and scooter to explore the different neighborhoods both near and far away, and loves that his work as a tour guide for Eat the World gives him the chance to combine his appetite for cultural and culinary pleasures and pass it on to other people.

Dieter has lived in Berlin for 27 years, with breaks in Sydney and Paris. His grandmother and mother come from Luxembourg and Lorraine respectively, so he loves French cooking and champagne. He is a passionate hobby cook and also enjoys Australian, Asian and German cuisine. Dieter is very open to new culinary experiences.  From roasted insects in the Australian Outback, bull’s testicles in Spain to raw fish in Tokyo long before the sushi craze, he’ll try anything rather than say no.

Engelbert comes from a small town in southern Hesse called Lampertheim. Growing up in the border-triangle of Hesse, Baden Württemberg, and Rhineland-Platz led him to love and eventually work in Berlin-Friedrichshain. In addition to his work as a consultant in digital media, he likes to spend his free time looking for peace in nature or around the infamous Boxhagener Platz. He also enjoys visiting Treptower Park, Müritz, or just an espresso bar around the corner. Berlin and especially Friedrichshain have inspired him to discover culinary diversity by trying new dishes from around the world, especially the wide range of Vietnamese cuisine.

Engelbert comes from a small town in southern Hesse called Lampertheim. Growing up in the border-triangle of Hesse, Baden Württemberg, and Rhineland-Platz led him to love and eventually work in Berlin-Friedrichshain. In addition to his work as a consultant in digital media, he likes to spend his free time looking for peace in nature or around the infamous Boxhagener Platz. He also enjoys visiting Treptower Park, Müritz, or just an espresso bar around the corner. Berlin and especially Friedrichshain have inspired him to discover culinary diversity by trying new dishes from around the world, especially the wide range of Vietnamese cuisine.

Günter has been accompanying tour guides throughout the world for 30 years. When he came across the tours of Eat the World a few years ago, he was immediately enthusiastic about the concept. Now he regularly guides Berliners and tourists through his native Schöneberg and through Charlottenburg. And, as with his great travels, he is most happy about happy faces at the end of the tour.

Hansgeorg—an art and culture enthusiast—is a professional actor and coach who moved to Berlin 25 years ago when he could no longer resist the inspiring charm and cultural and culinary diversity of the “city of change.” Living the motto that “detours enhance your knowledge of a place,” he moved from his hometown of Münster to Hamburg, Bochum, and Schwedt before he finally landed in his adopted home of Berlin. Hansgeorg lives together with his wife and two kids, and is still amazed by the cultural and culinary variety this city has to offer.

Iris is from Vienna but grew up on a ship on the Danube between the Black Forest and the Black Sea. She has also lived in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Maastricht. She studied literature in Berlin in 2002 and still cannot get enough of the city. Her favorite places to travel are mostly in the East, where she especially loves the sincerity of the Japanese sushi chef and the mysterious spices of the Orient.

Judith is a born and bred Berliner and knows there’s no better city for her! Berlin is as multifaceted as she is: tour guide, illustrator, economist, and passionate cook, despite never actually listening to her own mother when she would cook. Nowadays, Judith cooks everything from delicious German food to Asian specialties, and everything else in between: she owns about 30 cookbooks and has tried almost everything in them! With all that being said, Judith’s daughter still prefers plain spaghetti with parmesan, so Judith loves every chance she gets to whip up something new.

Jürgen has been working as a freelance tour guide for about eight years now after finishing his studies in art history. He joined Eat the World in 2016 as he was very interested in the concept of combining a stroll through the city with culinary highlights. Jürgen likes to personalize his tours by integrating his personal knowledge of topics such as architecture and city development into the excursions. The interesting interactions with new people is what Jürgen enjoys most about his job, and finds that the concept of culinary city tours is the most effective way to get people intermingling. 

Laura was born in Neukölln and returned to her home roots in 2008, where she had mixed emotions concerning the mostly positive (although a few negative) developments in her home neighborhood: curiosity, joy, and perhaps a touch of melancholy. As a geographer and conflict researcher, Laura has been traveling to sub-Saharan Africa for years now, but returns to Berlin time and time again, at which point she’s always surprised by the enormous tolerance coupled with the unbelievable coldness of the people of Berlin. In terms of culinary preferences, Laura is highly adventurous and especially enjoys the Ethiopian cuisine. To create her own Ethiopian dishes would be a tad complicated, which is why she is beyond thrilled that Berlin offers such a large variety of exquisite African restaurants. 

Lea is an avid stroller and is always on the lookout for new city stories and things to discover. She traveled all over the place before finally settling down in Schöneberg with her cat Kafka, and the two of them really enjoy it here: good food, nice neighbors, graffiti art, and pumpkin festivals – what’s not to love?! Lea’s wanderlust propels her out into the big, wide world time and time again, but it always makes her happy to spot her home port once again. Schöneberg ahoy!

Mariam always has a suitcase in Berlin. The city has been her adopted home for twenty years and she loves it like no other. Her other big love is travelling, closely followed by food. That's the reason she enthusiastically tasted her way through the food of the world. While travelling, she went to Bombay’s magnificent Café Leopold, where she sipped on an old Monk and finally began to record her culinary discoveries in her short stories.

Norbert was born in Berlin and grew up in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. After he moved from the west side of Berlin to the east, he went to school and university in western Germany. Following his studies, Norbert’s work led him to Belgium and Austria before returning him back to Berlin where he enjoys discovering his home city by bike. If he’s not biking through the city, Norbert likes to spend his time testing new recipes and seeking out small shops where he can find exquisite ingredients. Besides a good coffee, he also relishes the taste of the French and Austrian cuisines. 

Regine originally hails from Hanover, which is where she also studied, although she lived two years in Munich, and one year in Biaritz, France. She has now lived in Berlin together with her family for more than 20 years. As an architect, Regine is especially interested in everything to do with architecture. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, especially if her friends are there to help her prepare the food, make her laugh, and share a good glass of wine.

Sonja was born and raised in the beautiful city of Barcelona. When she was 18, she moved to Paris and then to London before she started studying political science in Madrid and Berlin. Originally planning to spend only her last semester in Venice, her stay turned into a four-year tasty stopover in Italy. Sonja has now lived in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighborhood, where her chatty father grew up, since 2011, and enjoys exploring new areas, markets, and restaurants in and around her hometown. 

Although born in Spain, Sylvia has lived in Berlin for many years now. She loves to travel and has already been to every continent! She finds it particularly exciting to discover new cultures and cuisines. As an added bonus, Sylvia uses the influences gathered during her travels as inspiration for her work as a designer. Additional interests include art and history, which she has carried with her since her school days. Sylvia especially loves working as a tour guide, which allows her to combine all of her passions while hopefully inspiring others.

Although born in Spain, Sylvia has lived in Berlin for many years now. She loves to travel and has already been to every continent! She finds it particularly exciting to discover new cultures and cuisines. As an added bonus, Sylvia uses the influences gathered during her travels as inspiration for her work as a designer. Additional interests include art and history, which she has carried with her since her school days. Sylvia especially loves working as a tour guide, which allows her to combine all of her passions while hopefully inspiring others.

Wiebke was born in Jever in northern Germany, and grew up with a garden full of fruits and vegetables which spawned her passion for fresh, regional food. She has lived in Berlin for some time now, particularly in Kreuzberg, which she loves given the coexistence of different cultures. Wiebke loves to travel, and whether she’s in Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Sri Lanka, or Zanzibar, she’s always up to explore the cuisine in distant countries. She previously worked in the Berlin store of a confectionary shop offering international sweets, and even after all that time, she still can’t decide whether she prefers Italian nougat or French chocolate. Another passion of Wiebke’s is storytelling, which makes her a natural at tour guiding! 

Regina is a native of Bochum who loves her hometown and the diversity of the Ruhr area. What she particularly likes about Bochum is that it has a big city feel and infrastructure, yet hasn’t lost its pastoral charm. The trained real estate clerk is especially interested in the compatibility of comfortable modern living in old buildings and is committed to ecological and natural living. In addition to traveling, working with her hands, and being outdoors, Regina also enjoys cooking, trying new recipes, and whipping up seasonal, healthy meals. She likes to discover new cities by foot and loves showing other people what makes Bochum so special.

Team Bonn

Kerstin, who was born in Cologne, has now lived in Bonn for the past 30 years, with her love for the city and its topographical aspects stemming from her studies in Geography. As a student, she worked as a waitress in various locations and mainly worked with data in her professional life. Kerstin loves discovering new countries on her own, and believes hours spent poring over maps is time well spent. She enjoys cooking for and dining with family and friends (Italian cuisine is her favorite!), and considers horseback riding to be her most relaxing hobby. Likewise, Kerstin’s two children are also travel and adventure junkies, and are constantly on the go!

Team Braunschweig

Dirk, AKA Lord Schadt, is a Braunschweig native and writer. As a former gastronome, employee of the Jolly Joker night club, and raft conductor on the Oker River, he has plenty of exciting anecdotes and insight into the city’s history, a lot of which is even often unknown to long-time residents of Braunschweig. When it comes to the world of food, Dirk already has a world record under his belt; he was responsible for organizing the record for the pizza cooked with the highest number of ingredients. As he holds cultural and culinary diversity dear to his heart, Dirk looks forward to both introducing his guests to the city’s traditional artisanal gems and discovering a few for himself!

Team Dortmund

Heike, who was born in Hamm/Westphalia, has worked as a writer and literature teacher in her adopted home of Dortmund since 1995. Heike never has a chance to be bored as she also works as a freelance editor, publisher, and event manager. A large number of her pieces have even been published in anthologies. Heike published her first crime book in 2011, entitled: “Am Abgrund ist die Aussicht schöner” (“The View is More Beautiful from the Abyss”).

Team Dresden

Falk is a genuine Saxon and native of Dresden. During his professional development, he continually came into contact with fine food and culinary art. As a qualified wine-grower, Falk has experienced everything from growing grapes to the aromatic wine in the glass. Later, he began tasting teas from around the world and selecting them for the market. A few years ago, under his guidance, he breathed new life into a Dresden gourmet exhibition. In his spare time, Falk loves to reinvigorate himself by going on extended walks together with his wife. Whenever time allows, he likes to cook and chat with friends over ‘literary appetizers’ or on ‘Friday evenings around the kitchen table’.

Björn was born in 1977 in the Hilden/North Rhine-Westphalia region and was lucky enough to travel often during his childhood. To satiate his interests in travel and culture, he decided to focus on geography, sociology and ethnology during his studies in Bonn. Björn spent a year completing his studies at Santiago de Compostela and afterwards remained in Spain for almost ten more years working as a German and English teacher, translator, and interpreter. He also led trips along the pilgrims' routes in the Canary Islands and in Portugal. Since 2013, Björn has lived in beautiful Dresden, and is looking forward to showing Eat the World-guests a different side of Dresden by spoiling them with local and exotic culinary specialties.

Cindy is a genuine "Nordlicht." Born in Mecklenburg she has lived in Schleswig Holstein, Niedersachsen and London (the most northern place so far). She studied in Dresden several years ago. In culinary matters she feels at home all over the world: from Brundviger in the far north, to Borschtsch or Sushi. Her only requirement is that it has to be vegetarian, then everything's alright. Constantly searching for new dishes and tastes, she loves discovering new restaurants, trying unknown with her friends or attempting unconventional food preparation on her own. As she feels very strongly about sustainability and saving regional cultural scenes, she loves working with Eat the World. With these tours she is able to present traditional production methods and little known culinary treasures to the public.

Johanna is a Swabian by birth, but moved to Dresden to study sociology (and all the delicious local food, of course!). As a social worker, she can especially appreciate the practical and interpersonal aspects of cooking and eating, and after several world travels, a side job in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, and many a night cooking international dishes in the student dorms, nothing is too colorful for her. In her free time, Johanna enjoys cycling, hiking, and kayaking, and luckily for her, Dresden is the perfect city for all these hobbies and leaves nothing to be desired. She’s enjoying life here to her heart’s content and can’t wait to welcome you to Dresden and show you the fascinating cultural and culinary features of her city.

Karoline, who was born and raised in Bautzen, stays at Dresden at the moment. Living there since seven years – except a longer period of time living in Great Britain – she calls this city her home. Her grandfather owned his own wine store and taught her to appreciate a good wine. She loves food in general and is especially in love with the italian cuisine. She isn’t afraid trying to cook interesting pasta dishes and is always on the hunt for nice Restaurants and culinary experiences in Dresden. In her leisure time she loves acting at the theatre or relaxing with a bit of Qigong.

Johanna is a Swabian by birth, but moved to Dresden to study sociology (and all the delicious local food, of course!). As a social worker, she can especially appreciate the practical and interpersonal aspects of cooking and eating, and after several world travels, a side job in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, and many a night cooking international dishes in the student dorms, nothing is too colorful for her. In her free time, Johanna enjoys cycling, hiking, and kayaking, and luckily for her, Dresden is the perfect city for all these hobbies and leaves nothing to be desired. She’s enjoying life here to her heart’s content and can’t wait to welcome you to Dresden and show you the fascinating cultural and culinary features of her city.

Johanna is a Swabian by birth, but moved to Dresden to study sociology (and all the delicious local food, of course!). As a social worker, she can especially appreciate the practical and interpersonal aspects of cooking and eating, and after several world travels, a side job in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant, and many a night cooking international dishes in the student dorms, nothing is too colorful for her. In her free time, Johanna enjoys cycling, hiking, and kayaking, and luckily for her, Dresden is the perfect city for all these hobbies and leaves nothing to be desired. She’s enjoying life here to her heart’s content and can’t wait to welcome you to Dresden and show you the fascinating cultural and culinary features of her city.

Ulrike hails from Saxony-Anhalt and was born and raised in Halle an der Saale. After a one-year high school exchange in Ontario, Canada, she decided to obtain her teaching degree in the subjects of English and Spanish, and later spent a semester abroad in sunny Barcelona. Her enthusiasm for foreign cultures and languages is best reflected in her culinary experimentation, but traditional German cuisine will always be near and dear to her heart. Love prompted Ulrike to move to beautiful Dresden in 2014, and once there, she immediately fell in love again: this time with the city. She enjoys nature and can typically be found in the Great Garden, on the banks of the Elbe, or in the Saxon Switzerland region in her free time. As a tour guide with Eat the World, Ulrike hopes to give her guests an authentic feel of Dresden as she shows them the culinary side of her adopted hometown.

Team Duisburg

Manuela is a big fan of the Ruhr region and all its cultural and culinary facets. As a native of Duisburg, she loves to talk about her city, the people, and the wonderful life there. She enjoys traveling the world and loves to try as many foreign cuisines as possible. Back home, however, she is most content with a good currywurst and fries or when she is cooking for friends. Good company, good food, and good fun are the most important things to Manuela.

Beate was born and raised in Düsseldorf and has known every nook and cranny of the Bilk neighborhood since she was a kid. She currently resides in the south of Düsseldorf, but spent several years outside of the city, particularly in Cologne. Professionally speaking, she’s as far away from the field of travel as you can get: in fact, Beate is a certified educator and works in the youth welfare office. After years of family vacations, she is now once again finding herself drawn to adventure and wishes to expand her travels to all corners of the world. The Mediterranean cuisine is currently Beate’s favorite, but she can’t wait to add more to that last. She likes to try out a variety of dishes for her loved ones, including everything from Bohemian dumplings (grandma’s recipe) and Italian peperonata, to red kuri squash and delicious cakes.

Christine, who grew up on the border of the Ruhr area and Münsterland, arrived to Dusseldorf in 2006 to study but stayed because of her love for the city! While Dusseldorf has a bit of a reputation for being pretentious, Christine makes sure to refute this false stereotype every chance she gets. Regardless, Christine loves discovering new places in the state capital and knows that the list of restaurants and cafes that people must visit keeps getting longer and longer! She’s become very savvy at creating a must-make food list, so much so that a simple meal with her roommates often turns into a three-course menu- but there have been no complaints yet!

Christoph was born in Essen and grew up just outside of Düsseldorf in the District of Mettmann, where he has lived and worked since 2000. His training as a hotel clerk and more than ten years of work in the hospitality industry—most recently as a restaurant and banquet manager—gave him a taste for culinary diversity. Following his studies in business administration and time spent abroad in Asia and Oceania, Christoph now works as an event manager. He likes to play basketball in his free time and is constantly on the go in his city, especially when it comes to Eat the World and all things culinary!

Claudia’s job took her from Munich to Düsseldorf, and she has called Bilk home since 2008. She is completely at home wherever, although Germany will always be her true home. Claudia has traveled all over the world, visited all of the continents, and has brought the many different impressions of people and nature back home with her. She works in the personnel department of an international company in Düsseldorf and loves connecting with people, which is why she always looks forward to introducing her neighborhood on the Düsseldorf Bilk culinary tour.

David is a Düsseldorfer in both heart and soul! Born in Mettmann, he first lived in Dusseldorf and now lives in Meerbusch, a suburb of Dusseldorf. As a Düsseldorfer, David wants to show visitors more than just the famed Kö, as he believes that Dusseldorf has so much more to offer! Despite his relatively young age, he has found that guided tours give him a lot of pleasure and a good complement to his full-time job as an event manager. Next to sports and hanging out with his friends, David is left with a tight schedule, but knows there are other places in the world – and in Dusseldorf – that he still plans to discover.

Dieter has worked as a freelance skipper on sailing yachts since his retirement. Originally hailing from The Sauerland, he moved from the Lower Rhine region to Cologne, where he studied economics and social sciences, before moving to Aachen and then Düsseldorf three years ago. He now lives here with his girlfriend who is originally from Düsseldorf and knows everything about the city. In order to strike a balance, Dieter studied up on the history, architecture, and culture of the city, and because they both loved eating out, he also began to discover Düsseldorf’s culinary gems. When he’s not working on boats, Dieter likes to pass on his knowledge to Eat the World tour guests.

Joanna is a born and bred native of Düsseldorf and has remained true to her homeland despite fascinating stays in the USA, Great Britain, and Argentina. After successfully completing her studies in business administration, Joanna worked several years in the commercial field before making her dreams a reality by opening her own cooking school five years ago. As a connoisseur of all things culinary, pâtisseries and confectionaries are of particular interest to her and she loves taking gourmet trips both within and outside of Germany. Joana has worked as a tour guide since August 2016 wherein she passes on her experiences in her home town. She enjoys high-quality food and takes great pleasure in cooking.

Klaus has been a resident of Urdenbach, the famous village with heart in southern Düsseldorf, since 1987. After studying business administration in Bonn and Cologne, he worked for Henkel AG & Company, a German chemical and consumer goods company, and became acquainted with French cuisine in France, although he doesn’t cook so much anymore, except for on the weekends. After two decades of an industrial-based career, Klaus set up a small crafts enterprise in Düsseldorf in 2000. In 2011, Klaus discovered a new hobby for himself—archeology—and volunteered with the Rhineland Regional Council’s Office for Soil Preservation in the Rhineland for many years and also led visitor groups through the Limesmuseum Haus Bürgel.

Thomas is a true Salzburger lad and discovered his passion for traveling and good food early on in life. After stays in Russia, Mongolia, Ecuador, and Mexico, he made it a habit to incorporate dishes from all of these places into his daily food regimen. After studying in Vienna, Thomas moved closer to Düsseldorf to be with his wife and the two now live in the countryside where they enjoy preparing these international dishes together. Together with his wife, Thomas enjoys discovering all the culinary diversity that Düsseldorf has to offer. They also enjoy taking bicycle tours through the beautiful Rhineland and lower Rhine, which naturally helps to balance out any added weight from their love of cooking!  

Team Erfurt

Roland is a Thuringian and has lived in Erfurt for 25 years. He spent 37 years in former East Germany, but had already switched sides long before "Die Wende" and German reunification. The new beginning was not only a professional plus for the trained engineer, but it also came with the newfound freedom to travel to numerous countries; he is particularly fond of Southeast Asia. Roland has been retired since mid-2016 and spends his free time gardening, traveling, and relaxing with his wife and two dogs, but he especially loves being able to show off the highlights of his delightful hometown to Erfurt’s guests and visitors!

Team Essen

Melanie is a true child of the Ruhr region. Born and raised in Essen she also did her academic studies and founded her own agency here. So leaving her home town is not an option and never will be. Boredom? There isn’t any because there is always something new to explore in this ever changing city and region. Favorite places? The list is just too long! From lake Baldeneysee to Zollverein, Melanie knows all the places that  are worth seeing. You can find her in the Unperfekthaus, on the shopping street “Rü”, or on the former train trails, that are now used for biking and hiking. Hiking is a very good catchword: Melanie loves to put on her alpine boots and climb the highest mountains. She also loves to bake small delicacies if it is rainy outside.

Elmar loves diversity and contrast, not only as it applies to his adopted hometown of Essen and the whole Ruhr area, but also with regards to his travels around the world. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but thankfully it has had the opposite effect on Elmar, for his inquisitive nature has taken him all over the world and led him to countries such as Sweden, Thailand, and France. When visiting such places, he’s most interested in the culture, the people, and of course the food, and takes whatever inspires him back to the Ruhr area and his kitchen. When he’s not on the go, Elmar can be found on a yoga mat or playing host at the stove where he likes to whip up creative menus for friends.

Uschi is a tried and true native of the Ruhr area: she was born and raised in Bottrop, and has now lived in Essen for many years. It may have been work that led her to many different cities around the world, but it was her enthusiasm for travel that made her get out and explore. As an avid reader of the newspaper, Uschi likes to keep herself up-to-date on current developments—not only as it pertains to the local region, but also on a larger scale—and enjoys passing on the information to her guests. To her, the history of the Ruhr is as fascinating as its future, and she hopes that her enthusiasm is contagious. Uschi loves typical “Ruhrpott” dishes and although she prefers to stick to traditional, hearty dishes, she likes to spice things up a bit with a modern twist.

Team Frankfurt

Born in Frankfurt, Christiane has been interested in history and architecture since her childhood – perhaps because her grandfather planned the May settlements and, after the war, helped to significantly rebuild the city. For a long time she was a specialist journalist and trainer in Germany and the world on the road. About 20 years ago, however, she settled down with "OrdnungsSINN.", a shop for home and kitchen accessories in the city center of Frankfurt, where she was passionate about cooking, baking, wines, the finest chocolates, teas, spices - preferably from her favorite city Paris. Her favorite spices: peppers and curries in 1000 variations.

Claudia is the true definition of a "Frankfurter Mädsche" and has, apart from two semesters abroad, always lived in Frankfurt. When this art historian is not found in galleries or museums, she is likely to be outside enjoying the fresh air. She also loves good food - what could be better than a culinary tour through "her" city? Claudia is always discovering new places in Frankfurt, and is especially taken by Berger Street and its side streets with small shops and traditional family businesses.

Dörthe moved to Frankfurt from Paris more than twenty years ago. What she appreciates most about Frankfurt is that as a large city, it is still manageable and has so much to offer, not to mention the great connections it has due to the international airport. Dörthe is a full-time tour guide with her whole heart and soul, which lends itself to a lot of time spent abroad, but she’s excited to return to her adopted home and explore Frankfurt’s vast culinary offerings by foot. It goes without saying, when it comes to the personal stories and anecdotes portion of the tour, Dörte has plenty to share! Personal interests include literature, art history, movies, politics, and of course good food, especially the Mediterranean cuisine!

Mira grew up in Frankfurt, and spent a few years in the North Sea before moving back to “Mainhatten,” where she now works with expats, specifically specialized personnel sent abroad by international companies who need assistance with the bureaucracy and housing market in Frankfurt. In the summer, you’ll still find the trained geographer and travel consultant off the North Sea coast, where she is a national park mudflat hiking guide on the island of Föhr. Oddly enough, when it comes to culinary preferences, Mira sticks to the internationally diverse dishes of the big city rather than the seafood. The culinary variety can be discovered quite well by foot on the Eat the World tours!

After high school Samira found herself attracted to the "big" city, and as quite a few of her friends also did, she moved to Frankfurt am Main for her studies, although it was not the big city flair and familiar atmosphere that drew the Eschborn native in, but rather the Wilhelminian-style architecture. When she’s not nibbling on chocolate, Samira can be found along the Rhine or wandering the various flea markets on warm summer days; the art teacher is most at ease in Frankfurt’s Sommerhoffpark, which she considers to be the ideal place to relax. Samira loves exotic dishes, especially anything Indian or Lebanese!

Suzanne came to Frankfurt to work as a flight attendant with Lufthansa. Born in Aachen, she has also spent time living in Hamburg, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London and Paris. She loves to travel and is always curious about other countries with their unfamiliar cultures and different cuisines. During her time in the air she studied sports and also completed the vocational training to be a travel agent. Her two favorite hobbies, tourism and sports, shape her working life. When she’s not on the road as a tour guide with guests in Frankfurt, she trains with her clients as a personal trainer. She’s an instructor for courses and published a Pilates book in June 2013. Her idea of good food is: it has to taste good but also be healthy and worth eating.

Team Hamburg

Rebecca was born in Hamburg-Altona and is still enthusiastic about her hometown. She lives with her husband and two teens in the "Karoviertel" and is very interested in all matters of urban development and their effect on certain districts of the city. The passionate hobby-chef is convinced, that it's best to experience cities and countries by their respective regional specialties. Therefore she is very open to regional dishes and unknown food when she travels herself. She basically tries everything that's edible. And at home, she often delights her friends and family with her homemade "Labskaus."

Anne-Kathrin was born in Hamburg, and has a chronic wanderlust. She lived in southern England, Vienna, and has worked for several years on the oceans, from Greenland to Cape Horn. And of course she has eaten through all of these locations! Unfortunately, there is no Franzbrötchen across the world… From the many green spaces to the fresh breeze and adventure at the Harbor, the sprawling Alster, the hustle and bustle in Schanzenviertel, and the sensual Argentine tango, Anne Kathrin loves the diversity of Hamburg. This “seute Deern” is so please to bring this passion to Eat the World, and convince the non-Hamburger that he hanseatic city is far from stiff and reserved.

Beatrice was born in Spain and traveled frequently as a child, so she is quite comfortable with foreign cultures and cuisines. It also gave her the chance to discover many delicious, local delicacies, so it is no surprise that her two major loves as an adult are cooking and traveling. From Mediterranean food to Indian dishes – she loves it all, enjoys every type of food, and can never say no to chocolate. After moving an innumerable number of times both within and outside of the country, Beatrice has now lived in Hamburg, where she had some family roots, since 2015. She enjoys showing her guests her part of Hamburg and likes to make it a tangible experience for them by introducing them to different culinary highlights, because after all, Beatrice believes the best way to get to know a city is by trying all the different dishes typical of the area.

Berthold says: "Hamburg? I love it!" After travelling often and far, he has found the world’s most beautiful city in Hamburg. And there are many reasons for this: so much nature, all the water, the multi-cultural atmosphere, the openness of the culture. So many theaters and concert halls, as well as the great river through the city, and the harbor and the people ... not to mention the weather!

Claudia finally settled in Hamburg after many stop-offs along the way, including the Canary Islands.  The atmosphere found in the cosmopolitan port city well suits her passion for foreign countries, people and food.  Africa, with its great diversity, has left a particular impression on her.  Claudia’s huge passion for hospitality and indulgence led her to Eat the World.  She loves trying out new things, as well as sharing her culinary discoveries with others. 

Joachim grew up in Koblenz and discovered a passion for varied and delicious cuisine in the home garden of his parents at a young age. After completing his German Civilian Service and dance studies in Essen, Joachim attended drama school in Hamburg and became actively involved in the St. Pauli Theater, where he has worked both in front of and behind the stage for more than 20 years. His profession has carried him across Europe and has given him the opportunity to work in everything from state theaters to stage backyards. In his free time, Joachim enjoys spending time with friends in the city, where you will be sure to find him in cafés, theaters, or the cinema. When it comes to culinary delights, Joachim's heart is set on good home cooking, Italian cuisine, and especially pho and bánh mì—classic Vietnamese dishes which he first encountered on our Grindel quarter tour.

Marlene, a communication trainer, came to Hamburg 14 years ago and immediately knew it was the city she would call home. The maritime atmosphere in particular is what drew this Rhinelander to the city. Because of this, she also sails a traditional historic ship. She has previously lived in various cities, and traveled through a few countries. She is fascinated by the coexistence of opposites in Hamburg, and enjoys the diversity, vibrancy, and variety next to that traditional in this hanseatic city. Together with friends she likes to try out new restaurants and explore the diverse cultural offerings in the city. Most exciting for her though, is to continue meeting new people.

Peter Johann is a native from Hostein with Danish roots. He has lived in Hamburg since 1976, loves the Alstertal and recommends canal trips to see the most beautiful parts of his city. He has explored Hamburg by running and cycling, but there is still more to discover - no wonder, with an area that extends 52 km from east to west. He cherishes original Italian pasta dishes and the incredible diversity of Chinese cuisine. His favorite is cooking risotto with the best ingredients of stir fried vegetables on udon noodles with shrimp. His favorite holiday spot is Menorca in September, where he likes to enjoy tapas in the picturesque port of Ciutadella.

Ulli has lived in Hamburg Ottensen since 1996 and enjoys the many options his part of the city has to offer. In addition to the multiple little shops and restaurants, he also enjoys the different nightlife options on the weekends. Ulli also appreciates the proximity of the city to the Elbe River, which has motivated him time and time again to just get outside for some long walks or bike rides. Especially interesting to Ulli, is the multilayered history of this part of the city which can still be seen and experienced today.   

Team Hanover

Elke moved to Nordstadt in 1976, but grew up in California, so it’s no wonder that her favorite foods are still homemade hamburgers and avocado dip. As a trained industrial management assistant and foreign language correspondent, she has held various jobs in the business sector, including working for an airline at the Frankfurt airport, which she used as a jumping-off point to explore the world. In the meantime, Elke has lived in Südstadt and has been an official Hanover guide since the Expo 2000; she knows all the city’s hot spots and loves to show guests Hanover’s most interesting sights. When she’s not busy leading a tour, Elke is sure to be found enjoying a meal in one of Eat the World's other featured Hanover neighborhoods!

In 1994, Barbara moved from Wuppertal into the underrated (and that's a good thing!!!) Hanover-Linden (specifically the north): with an anonymous/big city feeling but still familiar; lots of green space and parks but still great public transportation connections; a Mediterranean lifestyle - especially in Linden: temperamental, enjoying life, uncomplicated and outdoors. The daughter of a "guest worker" from Grenada and a German mother, she has a particular love of Spanish as well as Italian food, which she adapts to mostly vegetarian versions at home. She regularly runs from her house along the Leine river so she can earn herself a piece of mascarpone-raspberry torte. Yes, please!

Corinna was born and raised in Göttingen and first came to Hanover in 2003 following her studies in Hildesheim. Having previously lived in Linden-Mitte and the Calenberger Neustadt, she now lives in Mitte and especially loves Hanover for its particularly good mix of both urban culture and green, almost pastoral, areas, which are seemingly endless! Corinna can be found biking along the Ihmeauen or in the rustic beer garden at Lindener Berg. Discovering new things and sharing this with others is very important to Corinna, although she finds she still has so much more to discover about Hanover! Corinna is a big fan of Turkish and Indian cuisine, although she is generally a fan of all international dishes; rice pudding with cinnamon and apple compote is her own personal remedy for a bad mood!

Ina, a true northerner,—or “Fischkopp,” as the Germans would say—hails from the Hanseatic town of Stralsund, but it was the love for her husband Rolf, a native of Hanover, that brought her south. The freelance journalist loves people, stories, and history. She lives in List, enjoys jogging through the Eilenriede, has become a passionate cyclist during her time in Hanover, and discovers new attractions every day with her camera. The district of Linden, through which she repeatedly leads her guests in amazement and joy, reminds her of Berlin’s iconic and vibrant Kreuzberg neighborhood where her 26-year-old daughter lives. Ina’s vision is an apartment with a roof terrace in the battered Ihme-Zentrum–this Eat the World tour guide sees great potential there!

Jan has known Hanover from an early age and has lived in both List and Linden. For a long time he was a journalist in the culinary world, where he followed tips and trends on a regular basis. He is most interested in seasonal and local food, especially when loosened by exotic elements. His passion for food also arises when he cookes himself.

Jürgen was born in 1953, and has a lot of experience with Hannover. “Hannover is often beautiful only at second glance, but it is worth a closer look.” Growing up in the castle village 25km away as a child, he liked to bike down to Hannover-Linden to see the neighborhood. On his walks around town he likes to discover new details about the city, which he is of course happy to share with others. During his countless trips to other countries he has smelled many cooking pots, and his curiosity has led him to try everything he comes upon with no prejudice. This has even included fried grasshoppers in Thailand! When he is home he prefers to cook traditional dishes himself. He is close to nature but feels he spends too little time in his own garden, which is a bit wild. But Jürgen finds that even that has its own appeal!

Jutta moved from Münster to Berlin to Braunschweig before settling in Hanover. It was actually love at second sight, which must have been for the best considering that it has already lasted more than 20 years! She likes the variety of the city and its different areas, appreciates the cultural offerings, and likes to enjoy the nature in and around Hanover by foot or by bike. She first became acquainted with Eat the World quite some years ago when she first took a Kreuzberg tour in Berlin, and then subsequent tours in Bremen and Hamburg. Jutta is fascinated by the Eat the World idea and concept, enjoys cooking, and likes good food and drinks, so naturally it made sense for her to become a tour guide herself. 

Kaja grew up in and around Hanover as her grandparents owned a garden in Hainholz and she completed her vocational training in Nordstadt. She then lived for a while in both Australia and Costa Rica before beginning her studies in International Tourism in Bremen. She is now back studying and living in the Nordstadt district of the beautiful city of Hanover, and is more than pleased with her “adopted” home. For this reason, she wants to share the highlights of Nordstadt and the culinary partners featured on our tours. Kaja is vegan, and thus very mindful of food and its origin, which is how her passion for good food, combined with history, culture, and architecture, led her to Eat the World.

Larissa grew up on the outskirts of Hanover, but spent a lot of time in the big city, as she found village life to be a bit drab. After graduating from high school, Larissa longed to discover the world and decided to travel to Australia and New Zeeland for six months. In addition to her job as an event manager, Larissa has worked in gastronomy for several years, which is how she discovered her passion for good food. In her free time, she enjoys downtime with a good cup of cappuccino, spending time in the kitchen and making tasty pralines, and exploring the Eilenriede Park together with her dog Layla.

Lukas left his home in beautiful South Thuringia in 2012 and has been living in Hanover Linden ever since. The countless wonderful places that he has discovered time and time again have inspired the student to get out and explore the state capital and get involved as a tour guide. The hobby musician likes to spend his free time outdoors, especially in the summer, and can usually be found in one of Hanover’s numerous green spots. Otherwise, Lukas is probably traveling or off eating something delicious – in his opinion, only one thing is better than the regional cuisine, and that’s the original Thüringer Bratwurst.

Meike was drawn to the beautiful city of Hanover from Vienna in 1991. What she really loves about Hanover is how close it is to the countryside, yet how the city still has such a wide array of both cultural and culinary offerings. As a learned historian, Meike is especially fascinated with the history of Hanover. In her spare time she cooks a lot, particularly traditional Austrian dishes, but she’s also a big fan of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Rainer was born near Bremen, but spent most of his life in Hanover. A significant portion of his career was spent working for a Hanover-based tour operator in various capacities, including, among other things, working at the airports in Hanover and Bremen. His favorite destinations are Croatia and Greece, but Nepal will always hold a special place in Rainer’s heart: he and his wife support a local Nepalese daycare & school project and also adopted their son from Nepal in 2003. Rainer loves Indian cuisine, especially lamb curry, and figures the spicier the better! Now that he is retired, Rainer is looking forward to all the new adventures that await him, including showing his Eat the World guests the culinary diversity of Hanover with heart, humor, and gusto!

Sabine was born in Bremen, grew up in Kiel, and as a young adult, lived and worked in Hamburg and Bremen, although her home base for more than 20 years was Bad Münder am Deister in Lower Saxony. In her spare time and as a way to unwind, Sabine loves to cook and bake, especially anything “experimental”. Above all, she loves to live and eat in a big city, which is why Hanover turned out to be the perfect spot for her, especially the List neighborhood, which has so wonderful things, like culture, shopping, and, of course, a fantastic culinary scene! Sabine structures her Eat the World tours so that they are not only informative, but also fun and entertaining, and her enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

Sabina was born and raised in a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia. She discovered Hanover through her uncle—who lived in Hanover Nordstadt—at the age of ten and eventually moved to the beautiful city in 1988. Sabine traveled the world as a travel attendant for a French tourist company and then trained as a foreign language correspondent before professionally venturing out on her own. She is still actively involved in her hobbies, which include learning more about foreign countries, people, cultures, and eating habits, and has even passed her interests along to her children. Sabine currently lives on the outskirts of the city and enjoys the tranquility of nature with her family, dog, cat, and horse, but regularly commutes back to the Lower Saxon capital to regale her Eat the World guests with amusing anecdotes, inside tips, and interesting tidbits about her delightful neighborhood.

Tanja was born and raised in Hanover, and despite a brief flirtation with Berlin during her studies, she returned back to her true love and is happy as a clam in Linden. When her passion for travel inevitably flares up again, Tanja satisfies her wanderlust working as a tour guide on a river cruise ship. To her, the most beautiful thing is when life takes place on the go, regardless of whether it’s in Budapest, List Mile, the Linden Market Square, or on Engelbosteler Damm. In terms of food, there’s always something new to discover: from frozen yogurt to Hungarian lángos to sushi! Basically everything is delicious, except for maybe cucumbers ;)

Tim is a native of Linden and expresses his love for the "most beautiful neighborhood in the world" through his engagement with Eat the World, as well as several other endeavors, including cooking with refugees once a week and volunteer work as a rugby coach for the children and youth of the local social club. Despite extended stays in Bordeaux, South Tyrol, Berlin, and Hamburg, Tim is always drawn back to his hometown. He only leaves his neighborhood on occasion, as he believes that Linden has everything one could ever need! In addition to tours in Linden, Tim also leads tours through the adjacent Nordstadt.

Team Cologne

Jens has lived in Cologne for 16 years now. The communication scientist and journalist comes originally from Lower Saxony, has studied in Italy, Kiel and Munster, and initially wanted only a short stay in Cologne. Now, however, he is an unofficial native of the city.  He loves the carnival, the famous Rheinish nature, and the special Kölsch Veedel. In his spare time he likes visiting art exhibitions, poetry slams, and cooking Italian dishes. He is always looking for something new and exciting in the Domstadt.

Before the Cologne native Karl-Heinz joined Eat the World, he operated different toy and specialty stores specializing in Halloween & Carnival costumes and products. He is still operates a costume shop; however he also has a lot of fun working tourism.  As a tour guide, he enjoys discovering the culinary side of Cologne with tourists and locals.

Leoni has lived in Berlin since 1996. She is now studying nursing administration after spending several years as a nurse. She discovered her deep passion for food very early, as her favorite food was snails as a child. Always looking for new experiences, she enjoys traveling, especially in the Middle East where she fell in love with Asian cuisine. However, even with this passion for travel, Leoni still thinks that Berlin has much more to offer that needs to be explored.

Udo was born and grew up in Essen, but later moved to Eifel and then studied art history and business administration in Trier. After many years as a pantomime and lecturer on body language, he now works as an event manager in a Cologne-based agency for brand communication. He has lived with his partner and two sons in the southern part of Essen for 16 years, and is particularly fond of the diversity of people, small shops, and cuisine in his neighborhood.

Verena was born and raised in Cologne, although on the “Schääl Sick” (wrong side of the Rhine River). She discovered a passion for cooking early on, which continued to grow throughout her travels; when she returns from a trip, she always brings home new recipes and cooks them for her friends and family. In her daily life, however, she mainly cooks Mediterranean and vegetarian food. Verena loves to tell interesting stories about her famous hometown, especially the culinary scene in Südstadt, which has fascinated her for many years. The many different anecdotes also come in quite handy during her volunteer work at the hospice, as they often put a smile on the people´s faces. 

Team Leipzig

Ina is a 1975 vintage, born-and-bred, liberal-minded Saxony girl who loves travelling around her home turf - with hiking shoes and rucksack, motorbike and tent, that’s how she likes it best. She first became involved with Eat the World last year, an experience that so infected her that she decided to bring Eat the World to Leipzig. This actually has nothing at all to do with her previous line of work, but very much to do with her lifestyle and love of culinary treats, which have to be homemade and lovingly-prepared. This philosophy she took from her grandmother, and has been practiced in her family since time immemorial.  Ina particularly likes her sports, whether it’s in her climbing boots or beach volleyball, in running shoes or on the yoga mat, nowadays often accompanied by her six year old daughter. 

Beate is not only a star in the tourism world, but also in real life where she is an actress and singer! Originally from Thuringia, Beate moved to Leipzig in the ‘90s and in those first early wild years, she lived in various districts and intensively studied up on the city by experiencing as much of it as she could. In 1997 she found an old villa in Plagwitz in desperate need of renovation, but the intact cozy charm of the household drew her in, and she was soon able to carry out her creative artistic projects alongside her studies. It wasn’t long before Beate knew Plagwitz like the back of her hand, and was even around to witness the transformation of the district’s significant industrial architecture. Urban development and the local cultural scene are close to her heart, as are traveling and getting to know other cultures. It makes Beate especially happy that her work with Eat the World enables her to pass on a piece of Leipzig’s history and experience it firsthand.

Daniel has been with Eat the World since April 2015 and has happily selected his hometown of Leipzig to settle down in. After studying in Australia for the last few years, he returned to Leipzig and explored his city on both foot and bike. He loves Italian and Thai food and enjoys cooking creative, handmade cuisine for himself. His enthusiasm for Leipzig comes from its thumping heartbeat of a courageous, open-minded, and nature-loving generation.

Dorothea is a native Bulgarian and diehard Saxon. After finishing high school in Chemnitz, she took up Japanese at university in Leipzig and spent a year abroad in Japan where she fell in love with the people and especially the food culture. She discovered that the Japanese invest a lot of time and money in their food, and regardless of what it is—be it sushi, an omelette, or a hot dog—they believe it should look nice and taste as if it were made by a master chef. Dorothea especially liked the custom of “otsumami,” or “sakana,” wherein an evening beer is enjoyed with light snacks such as steamed soybeans, grilled scallops, or chicken skewers, and best of all: the dishes are placed in the middle so that you can try everything, just like an Eat the World tour!

Hannes has been a member of the Eat the World family since 2017. His work led him to Leipzig in 2004, and he began working as tour guide on the side in 2007. A graphic designer by trade, Hannes is passionate about architecture and particularly likes exploring the numerous industrial buildings in Leipzig. He also likes to travel by bike, and goes wherever the road may lead him. Hannes maintains a healthy mind and body thanks to the right kind of food and drink, so you can count him in when it comes to trying something new, although he always finds his way back to the traditional tried-and-true dishes!

Rocco is a future teacher and comes from Riesa in Saxony. About eight years ago he moved to Leipzig and has learned to love the city intensely since then. For his studies he changed from Leipzig to Dresden, but kept his residence in the east of Leipzig. "Leipzig is a refreshing and diverse city. The people are friendly and open-minded. It’s also easy to be constantly surprised as far as the culinary scene goes," he says. When travelling on his own, culinary pleasures are a top priority. Regional specialties are of especially great importance to him. He cooks almost daily at home: vegetarian, but always different.

Sophia is originally from Thuringia but made her way to Leipzig in 2005 to study acting. Her career took her everywhere from the Baltic Sea to Lake Constance, and had her working in various different fields - life could not have been more colorful! Plagwitz has been her second home since 2008, and she loves the cultural and culinary diversity of the neighborhood, not to mention its cozy atmosphere. Not only does Sophia gladly support the local shops and industries, she also likes to share the area’s history, high spirits, and—most importantly—relaxed attitude of life with all the locals and visitors alike. She enjoys meeting guests from all walks of life on her tours and is always happy to come by new anecdotes with the people of Leipzig!

Team Lübeck

Stephan has been living in the Old Town of Lübeck for 25 years, and loves to watch the sun rise over the brick gables of his city in the early hours of the morning. After 27 years in the gastronomy sector in Lübeck, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg, and filling every position from apprentice to kitchen chef while cooking everything from high-quality French cuisine to international and regional cuisine, including both vegetarian and vegan dishes, Stephan finally settled down and now takes care of children on a pony farm. However, his passion for cooking has not escaped him and he teaches cooking classes and offers unique cooking experiences around the camp fire. Stephan lives for the Middle Ages and the historical alleys and paths of his city, which is something he likes to pass on to friends, locals, and tourists alike from all walks of life.

Team Munich

Ernst is a genuine Municher (or more precisely Sendlinger). Although he has spent a year backpacking across Asia, he would never permanently leave his district in Munich. The histories of Munich and Bavaria have inspired him for a long time. He works in the world of finance, but this is not enough for Ernst; he is also a certified guide as well as a teacher of puppetry. Good food and wine inspire him just as much as good people.

Angelika was born and raised in Würzburg, but has been living in Munich for more than 30 years and feels fully a Munich resident. She has always had the urge to get to know other countries and especially their people and culture. So far, she has traveled to about 40 countries, was usually on the go as an individual tourist, on cultural, hiking or simply relaxing trip. She lived and worked for a long time in Spain, USA and Brazil, which also gave her an everyday experience. Since she enjoys eating with all her senses, food culture and local food have always been a very important aspect for her - (almost) everything that exists must be tried, which sometimes causes her partner to despair. Through her travel experiences, she has experienced that it is totally fun to get to know a place through a guided tour in order to look behind the "tourist scenes". Therefore, she has decided, even as a tour guide Munich, to bring his history, culture and his Gschichterl other people closer.

Barbara is a native of Munich and turned her passion for history in general, and Munich in particular, into a side job in 2013. She explains the history and stories of Munich and its different areas to her guests with a lot of enthusiasm, and every tour is unique and interesting given the exchange with the different participants. Barbara has come into contact with many different people and cultures around the world, given her numerous travels and collaborations, and as such, has developed quite a taste for various international cuisines. Therefore, it’s only natural for her to explore the different parts of Munich together with her guests, both historically and in a culinary sense. 

Bente was born in Norway and grew up on a fjord in a white wooden house with her Norwegian Elkhounds Passopp and Pan. She has lived in Munich for over 25 years and has worked as a first foreign language correspondent, a shipping clerk, and an actress. Because of her numerous world travels, Bente speaks 7 languages fluently! She also fell in love with the international cuisine and likes to cook Asian and Italian dishes, and is having fun experimenting with vegan recipes. She loves to explore foreign cities by foot and thinks it’s a lot of fun to show other people the beautiful corners of Munich.

Birgit, was born in Bottrop, “where there’s always something going on, the most breath-taking region of the world,” she says smiling, but seriously. Now an art history teacher, Birgit has traveled all over the world and visited every continent during her time as a flight attendant, and also crossed the Alps together with her son. She speaks from her heart and sees things in a different way: “to never lose my sense of humor and to make the best out of everything - this is what my upbringing taught me, and I’m thankful for that.” After living in Bottrop, Rome, and London, Birgit moved to Munich in 1991 and has felt right at home ever since. She found what truly makes her happy in Munich, which is: friends, art, culture, jazz music, salsa, delicious cuisine, mountains, and the lakes. But feeling at home and being settled doesn’t mean standing still to her; Birgit continues to take detours—which she believes to be the best way to broaden one’s knowledge of a place—as a city tour guide for adults and kids on a local voyage of discovery.

Irmgard is a native of Munich and has lived in Schwabing for many years now. She studied modern foreign languages and is enthusiastic about all components of other cultures, including: literature, philosophy, history, art, music, and last but not least, the cuisine. As a philologist, she has traveled extensively—especially in the French-speaking countries—and has taken the opportunity to not only devote herself to becoming a gourmet cook, but also to fully immerse herself in the cultural and historical dimensions of each respective country. As a city guide at Eat the World, Irmgard is able to combine her diverse interests in an ideal way, and when she’s not leading guests through Munich, she works as a trainer for executives. Dealing with people from different countries and cultures makes Irmgard very happy and she loves showing her guests one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Katja was born in Karlsruhe. After finishing her traineeship, she applied to an advertising agency in Munich, where she had her job interview on the Wiesen, and knew right away that this was the city for her. She got the job, and has now lived the famous Oktoberfest city for more than 20 years. Katja thinks Munich’s small big-city feel, as well as its greenery, interesting culture, and beer garden flair, is what it makes it the most beautiful city in all of Germany. Today Katja works as a trainer and coach and likes to inspire people. During her tours, she hopes to fascinate the guests with her love of Munich, its culinary variety, the history, and most of all, tales of the city and what it has to offer.

Initially Marian had planned on living in South America for a year after graduating from high school in the Lower Bavarian district of Kelheim, but instead she moved to southern Munich to pursue a degree in medicine. She has now been a proud citizen of the Bavarian capital for nearly 10 years, and like a true native, she would never dare eat a Weißwurst past 12:00 (according to Munich tradition and legend, the city’s famous white sausages should never be eaten after the noon chime of the church bells). Thanks to jobs in the notorious Hofbräuhaus and Olympic Stadium, Marian can call herself a true tourism veteran; she’s even led foreign tour groups as large as 50 people! Because Marian is a huge history buff, and is just as happy talking as she is eating, she found her dream job here at Eat the World. When she’s not guiding a tour through Schwabing, you can find Marian either behind a piano or radio microphone.

Susan has settled fast as 'Zuagroaste' in the Munich world. After several years abroad, she felt as a Bavarian girl back home in their homelands immediately right back 'dahoam'. She studied tourism in the Netherlands and Spain, where she discovered her passion for good, sustainable tourism. In Spain, she especially enjoyed the sun and the delicious cuisine. Take a great deal of enthusiasm for good food, mixed with a lot of fun in dealing with people and a decent handful of storytelling, stir vigorously, et voila: Done is a passionate Eat The World Guide.

Team Nuremberg

Jutta is a full-blooded Franconian who has been living in the Zerzabelshof district of Nuremberg for 20 years now. Because she puts her whole heart and soul into her work as an intensive care nurse at a local Nuremberg hospital, Jutta likes to surround herself with good vibes and is always on the lookout for new places to enjoy a good glass of prosecco or other little luxuries. Hobbies include fine art, stage acting, and visiting the opera and theater every now and then. Jutta loves the “sweet life,” which she most enjoys spent either relaxing alone in Nuremberg or traveling around the Mediterranean Sea. History, meeting new people, and “la Dolce Vita” is what Eat the World tours are all about, which is why she loves showing off her beautiful city to guests.

Bettina made her way down to Franconia from the far north, and feels right at home in Nuremberg with the world’s best Rostbratwürste and unbeatable Lebkuchen! In addition to all the amazing things in the city, Franconian Switzerland lies right outside the city limits, and boasts the best beers with the highest density of breweries in the world. Bettina loves to get her visiting gusts as excited about her adopted hometown as she is. Even longtime Nurembergers get their money's worth on these tours, and Bettina believes there is still so much more to be discovered in this often underrated city, such as: stories from Nuremberg's past, architectural features, and most importantly, all the culinary delights from Nuremberg, Franconia, and beyond!

Jasmin is from Nuremberg, and after studying five years along the coast of the North Sea, she returned to her hometown which she loves for its old town flair and Franconian hospitality. She’s also finally gotten used to hearing “Servus und Grüß Gott” again, rather than “Moin Moin”! As a recent graduate of international tourism management, she has decided to work first and play later while she eagerly plans out her future. On the weekends, Jasmin swaps out her business cap for a casual one and gladly explores Nuremburg’s cultural and culinary scene. She applies the same kind of passion and type of thinking to food as she did to her studies, namely: “the proof is in the pudding,” meaning, you have to be willing to put in the work, and only then will you be able to enjoy everything the kitchens of the city have to offer! Jasmin’s enthusiasm for the guilty pleasures in life is contagious and she gladly passes it on to her Eat the World tour guests as she shows them a world full of culinary delights.

Susana joined our team in 2017. Born in northern Germany, she always felt a sense of well-being when visiting Nuremberg. Coincidentally, she moved professionally to Erlangen in 2007, then to Nuremberg in 2010, only to discover that her great-grandfathers came from here - that's how it should be. She is happy to convey to the guests of Eat the World her southern joie de vivre about beautiful things like the architecture of "old stones", the history of past centuries and the beautiful places in the parks of the city. She recognizes the importance of having biologically clean fresh food today and how much better it is to support our region than to import unripe fruits and vegetables. She is enthusiastic about the wave of possibilities for waste prevention and biodegradable packaging, as many unpacked shops & Co. show. In her free time she loves to dance, loves music, good books and enjoys traveling all over the world.

Uschi is a native of Nuremberg, although her career has taken her to many big cities, such as Hamburg and Berlin, for extended periods of time. Now back in her hometown, Uschi is happy to be viewing the familiar sights from a fresh perspective and is pleased to recognize that Nuremberg/Fürth is itself a multicultural metropolis. Uschi likes to travel extensively and gain firsthand knowledge of and experience with other people and cultures up close; she has even collected recipes from all over the world and loves testing them out with local fruits and vegetables. Uschi commits herself to a tasty, healthy, and nutritious diet and advocates for economically and ecologically sound products. As such, she leads her tours enthusiastically knowing that there’s a surprise around every corner and every new encounter is a magical moment in itself.

Team Potsdam

Monika moved to Potsdam Babelsberg with her husband and daughter almost ten years ago, after living for 20 years in Berlin. They wanted to move to Potsdam because it is a city of great stories and favorite places. Monika especially loves that Potsdam’s markets and small shops provide fresh and delicious food from the region for her to cook at home. Her current favorites are cakes, both sweet and savory. As a trained tour guide she has made her enthusiasm for the city a profession. Her expeditions in to Potsdam stay true to the ideas of Eat the World, and concoct a charming mix of urban and food culture.

For 10 years now Frauke has lived with her husband, three children, and dog in the countryside on the outskirts of Potsdam, which she finds to be a perfect mixture of pastoral and urban elements given the dynamics of the city and the tranquility of the Brandenburg forests. Frauke is an IHK-certified Tour Guide and has been working freelance for the Eat the World team since 2014. The rich history of Potsdam, coupled with its ever-expanding sources of inspiration, has encouraged Frauke to pass on her love and enthusiasm for the city to other people, especially through the use of educational and amusing anecdotes. She also enjoys taking culinary and cultural tours with her family and friends in order to discover the charm and diversity of a city’s historic downtown region.

Sybille is a born and bred native of Potsdam who loves architecture and photography. As a certified tour guide, she is therefore able to apply her interests to both her personal and professional life–talk about leading a charmed life! The passionate globetrotter is always curious about foreign cultures, especially the local cuisine of the countries visited. A previous long-term stay in Central America particularly influenced her life, with the impressions and experiences of this period still having an effect today. But through and through, Potsdam remains her hometown and first love, and regardless of whether she’s roaming the city on foot or by bike, Sybille always has her camera handy in order to capture the city’s beauty. Without fail, she continues to discover new details about Potsdam’s cityscape on a constant basis, which she does to the delight of her guests. But above all, Sybille’s greatest passion is her city, and there’s no greater pleasure for her than showing her guests the multifaceted treasure that is Potsdam.

Team Regensburg

Barbara, a native of Hungary, has lived in Regensburg for 20 years now. As a certified tour guide, she passionately shows off her favorite city to tourists. She finds the greatest pleasure in the moments when she manages to surprise even the locals with new information or locations, which actually isn’t always the most difficult thing to do considering just how much the only preserved medieval city in Germany has to offer! In addition to architecture, history, and culture, the density and diversity of Regensburg’s culinary scene is remarkable. Barbara worked in several restaurants during her studies, and as a lover of fine foods, she was able to stay up-to-date on the latest gastronomic offerings in her new city. In addition to a love for Italian and Asian cuisine, she most enjoys cooking traditional Hungarian recipes passed down from her mother. In her free time, Barbara can be found on a yoga mat or directing stress management seminars, which she leads with great devotion.

Klara is a Czech native, but has lived in Germany for 15 years now; she currently resides in Regensburg, where she has lived since beginning her studies in Art History. Ordering out from town is a guilty pleasure of Klara’s, but she also enjoys cooking fresh and varied homemade meals. Asian, Italian, Greek, and whatever else kind of cuisine you can dream up: Klara loves it all, is open to new culinary experiences, and experiments with new dishes as much as possible. So naturally she loves welcoming new guests on the city tours who she can introduce to the refined and lovingly prepared meals made by the various culinary partners. In addition to gastronomy, Klara’s interests include sports and traveling. Whether she spends her time hiking in the mountains, meditation, yoga, visiting another country, or a short city trip, Klara uses these opportunities to balance out her studies and meet new people. Working for Eat the World has proved to be a perfect fit for Klara as the work combines her academic knowledge, a passion for food, and an interest in people together in one exciting job!

Team Rostock

Johanna hails from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and after nearly 20 years of professional “wandering,” she moved back to the Baltic Sea. After living in Heidelberg, Hamburg, Cottbus, Stuttgart, and Berlin, and visiting the Balkans, Belarus, and California, Johanna came to find that the old saying is true: there’s no place like home. Whenever she was visiting a new city, she always found herself asking the same question: what do I have to see here and where can I eat well? Naturally it was only a matter of time before she would ask the same question of her hometown. Now as a coordinator and tour guide of the Rostock tours, Johanna shares her passion for history, architecture, and delicious food with the local and foreign visitors of the Hanseatic city.

Team Saarbrücken

Nora is a real "Saarbrigger Määde". For her studies she left the Saarland temporarily and lived in Constance, Braunschweig, Wismar and Nîmes. She is a freelance documentary filmmaker and as a city manager in Saarbrücken she combines her love for people and good food.

Lilian is a native of Saarbrücken and lived a few years outside the Saarland - years in which she missed her home very much and found out that "dahemm" is the most beautifulplace to be. She likes to travel and loves to discover people and local specialties beyond well known tourist paths. On her tours, she and her guests share their enthusiasm for the state capital and their culinary offerings with great passion.

Thomas is a real "Saarbrückener", which is expressed not only in his years of love for the football club of the city, but also in his enthusiasm for the regional cuisine with its French influences. After a few years of professional activity in Hessonia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria, he returned in 2014 to his old home. On his tours he brings his guests from near and far in a comedic way closer to, culture, history and culinary delights of the capital of Saarland.

Team Stuttgart

Gero may not have been born in Stuttgart, but his 50+ years of residency has certainly earned him the right to call Baden-Württemberg’s capital city home. He grew up in Stuttgart West, and went to school, studied, and has worked in the area for quite some time. He loves the variety of Stuttgart, and believes everyone should experience the city, especially as it has so much to offer; Gero himself has experienced and seen a lot of the world. In addition to being an author, Gero previously worked as a Michelin star restaurateur and general manager of hotels. As such, a high quality of life is of the upmost importance to Gero, which he has found to be easily attainable in Stuttgart West.

Bianca was born in Stuttgart, and although she now lives in the southern part of the city, she grew up near the state capital, in the chocolate town of Waldenbuch. That visitors get a delicious sample is just a given for her. On her own travels, she prefers to discover cities off the beaten track, best guided by a local. To experience how and where the locals eat, not to mention what and to taste it for herself, is absolutely essential to Bianca. Sustainable tourism is particularly important to her, and thanks to the innovative, sustainable, and tasty concept of Eat the World, Bianca has discovered many new things in her own city, which she is always excited to share with her tour guests.

Petra is actually a “Münchner Kindl” (Munich child) and also lived in Kiel for a long time. She moved to Stuttgart in 2008 for a traineeship at the Württemberg State Museum and has worked as a freelance artist for several museums for many years, including the future Stuttgart City Museum. As a result, she is extremely well-versed in the history of Stuttgart. What Petra especially loves about the city is its beautiful surrounding countryside full of vineyards and forests where she often takes walks. The many small shops and restaurants, as well as the variety of the many different districts, have also made for an unforgettable experience for her. Petra likes to spice up tours with anecdotes of her museum work or her life as a Stuttgarter not so skilled in the Schwäbisch language.

Rainer has always lived in Stuttgart, even when he was frequently on tour with his cello. He loves to explore the special corners, people, and specialties of his environment with his fellow musicians and puts the newly discovered hot tips to good use in his own agency with cultural events and private parties. Rainer is truly in his element in the kitchen with his huge iron cast pan and the smell of Mediterranean herbs, wine, and fresh garlic wafting through the air! Working with Eat the World allows Rainer to bring his experience and passion to the table, while also giving him the pleasure to work as a tour guide and spread the word about his great hometown. 

Steffen has lived in Stuttgart for more than 10 years, and although a native of the County Palatine of the Rhine, he now feels right at home in Swabia. He is fascinated by the state capital, especially how it is spread across a variety of hills, vineyards, valleys, and parks, which is quite unusual for a German city! Steffen enjoys taking strolls through the city, as well as crisp nature walks out in the country, and isn’t too picky when it comes to food; he loves it all and just as happy eating a homemade meal as he is eating takeout. Professionally, Stefan switches between cultural studies, adult education, and coaching, so his work with Eat the World comes quite naturally to him.

Team Wiesbaden

Tanja, as a real "Wissbadener Mädche," shows off her hometown to visitors with great gusto. The art historian has spent many years informing herself of the history and culture of Wiesbaden, which she has put to good use as member of the Eat the World team since 2017. Her studies have led her all over the world, including Sweden and Poland, but these days she calls the Hessian capital home. As an art detective, Tanja investigates the historical origin and disposition of stolen artwork. In her free time, Tanja engages in ballet, jazz, and ballroom dancing, and enjoys discovering the culinary offerings of her city in order to find new tasty spots for additional tours. 

Resi found her calling on a trip to Thailand in February 2016. Following the motto “Don’t live to work, work to live,” she trained to become an international tour guide as a way of combining her career and her lifetime dream. As a true Bavarian girl, she discovered and learned to love her adopted home of Wiesbaden as beautiful cultural place, and is now always up to show off parts of the unique charm of Hessen’s capital to visitors during the culinary tours. Of all the culinary delicacies in the whole wide world, Resi wouldn’t say no to any, but she nevertheless has a penchant for spicy food over sweet treats. 

Team Wuppertal

Andreas was born in Wuppertal and loves his hometown. As a travel agent and author of soccer and sales books, he has traveled the world but is always happy to be back home. Andreas believes you can really only appreciate a town’s charm once you’re back in the heart of it, which is why he is always thrilled to show off the beautiful and fascinating nooks and crannies of his city. He especially enjoys sharing new and interesting information about the Bergisches Land metropolis with the local old-timers. In addition to his love of tourism, Andreas is an avid supporter of the Wuppertaler SV soccer team and is currently writing a book about the club.

Team Würzburg

Katrin is a true Würzburger in mind, body, and spirit. After a detour in her geography studies, she answered her provisional calling as a landscape gardener because she wanted to be creative with her hands. She has been doing yoga for many years and teaches yoga twice a week. Several trips around the globe and professional residencies in Australia, Asia, and the USA afforded Karin the opportunity to savor the kitchens of the world. In her capacity as a tour guide, Karin would like to show off the charming flair of Würzburg and pass along her enthusiasm for special shops and unique ideas to the locals and tourists alike; this has become her newest passion, and she loves that it allows her to fully express her communicative side.

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