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Walking Food Tours in Cologne

The Cologne culinary experience: 7 samples in 3 hours!

Cologne Südstadt-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne-Südstadt: Südstadt and Severin Quarter
Come with us and explore Cologne’s lively Südstadt. We'll give you an insight into its culture and history while we sample tasty delicacies in specially selected restaurants and delicatessens. Join us on a culinary and cultural journey around our beloved Cologne Südstadt.

*** from €33 ***

Cologne Rodenkirchen-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne-Rodenkirchen: The "Kölsche Riviera" and the "Saint Maternus"
We invite you on a culinary adventure tour through this special district in Cologne, which houses the most diverse shops, studios and culinary establishments, just waiting to be discovered by you.

*** from €33***

Cologne Deutz-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne Deutz: A lively mix of the traditional and contemporary
Join us on an enthralling tour where you will discover the culinary delights of the Schäl Sick; discover scrumptious delicacies, fine shops, and of course, a breathtaking view of the Cologne Cathedral in the land where the Romans once wandered and the Prussians proudly strolled.

*** from €33 ***

Cologne Nippes-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne-Nippes: Urban, rural, and always lively
Come with us on a culinary-cultural tour through Cologne’s well-loved Nippes quarter. Taste delicious samples from small culinary businesses, almost all of them owner-operated. Get to know Nippes from a historical, cultural and culinary perspective.

*** from €33 ***

Cologne Sülz-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne-Sülz: Between university and the greenbelt
Discover with us the third largest district of Cologne, which is not only very green, but also quite versatile. Indulge your taste buds with diverse specialties from assorted businesses scattered throughout the obscure corners of the district.

*** from €33 ***

Cologne Ehrenfeld-Tour

Walking Tour Cologne-Ehrenfeld: Multicultural, artistic, and typically Colognian
Join us on a walking food tour and discover the multicultural Ehrenfeld district of Cologne as you stroll through the lively streets and alleys of the city. Get to know the neighborhood through its people and food as you listen to exciting stories and spoil your taste buds with numerous culinary delicacies.

*** from €33 ***

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Walking Food Tours in Cologne Germany

Experience the Cultural Diversity of Cologne with our Walking Tours

Walking Tour in Cologne Germany

Consider us your personal food gurus as we delve into an exciting and unique dining adventure together, at which point you will experience Cologne like the locals with our gastronomic walking tours aimed at introducing you to the hidden gems of the city. Discover the eclectic and lively mix of that which is both historic and cutting-edge in nature on the Cologne Deutz walking food tour; you’re in good company as you’ll be following in the footsteps of the Romans and the Prussians. Dine in style on every stop you make through the southern district of the city on the Cologne Südstadt walking food tour which combines old European charm with modern big-city panache. If you’re looking for something a bit more historic and traditional in nature, then we recommend the Cologne Nippes walking food tour, which surely will not disappoint with its focus on small, sustainable businesses and a grass-roots dedication to family-operated establishments. Or admire the dreamy yet lively district Rodenkirchen which houses the most diverse shops, studios and culinary establishments on our Cologne Rodenkirchen walking food tour. If it’s nature and greenery that you seek, then you have to try the Cologne Sülz walking food tour; stroll through the grassy city spaces on your way to a variety of down-to-earth and holistic culinary locales. Or perhaps you would prefer a combination of all these elements, in which case we’d suggest the Cologne Ehrenfeld walking food tour featuring the artistic and creative, yet conventional and established, area of Cologne’s most diverse neighborhood. No matter which part of Cologne you choose to explore, you’re in for a treat!

Bask in the Culinary Assortment of Cologne with our Food Tours

Food Tour in Cologne Germany

As you walk the streets of Cologne, you will not only explore its culinary offerings, but also the history, culture, entertainment, and architecture of the city as each tour focuses specifically on these elements with regards to both the selected district and the city as a whole. So not only will you become an expert on the advancement of the Cologne food industry, but also the development of the city itself. Upon completion of a city walking tour, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of the city of Cologne, as well as a full stomach, which is why an Eat the World tour gift certificate is the perfect present to give that special someone (or even a not-so-special someone). Give the gift that keeps on giving, and take the stress and difficulty out of finding the perfect item by just giving them what you know they’ll love!

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