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Walking Food Tours in Berlin

The Berlin culinary experience: 7 samples in 3 hours!

Berlin Neukölln-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin Neukölln: From Bohemian Rixdorf to the city’s trendiest district
Unlike any other district in Berlin, Neukölln is a truly multicultural gem incorporating the cultures, customs, and culinary traditions of all 160 represented nationalities making up the area. Its unique diversity coupled with its cosmopolitan flair has cultivated a lively artist quarter and creative scene which has even gained international notoriety. Explore the colorful neighborhood with its delicious treats from all over the world.
Vegan options available!

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Berlin Wedding-Tour

City Tour Berlin-Wedding: From an Workers' District to Creative melting pot
Once a working-class district with tenements and factories, Wedding has become an interesting melting pot of different nations and a creative scene. Take a closer look behind the facades of the quarter and discover what the Wedding has to offer, both culturally and culinary.

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Berlin Friedenau-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Friedenau: Quiet artists' quarter with a tranquil atmosphere
The relatively unknown district of Friedenau boasts magnificently decorated homes, small villas, and vividly diverse cuisine. Treat yourself to a vast assortment of enchanting cafés and restaurants!

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Berlin Charlottenburg-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Charlottenburg: The residential neighborhood through time
Discover one of the most beautiful districts in Berlin: Charlottenburg. With it's grandiose villas and gardens, Charlottenburg offers a variety of culinary flavors. Let your palate be adventurous with various gourmet and specialty shops with cuisines from Germany and around the world, all while hearing interesting stories and history about Charlottenburg.

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Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Kreuzberg: Multicultural and legendary
Get to know what life is like in the diverse and vibrant district of Kreuzberg. With tours conducted by local guides, you can try everything Kreuzberg has to offer. From Döner to brownies to German apple pie, Kreuzberg is truly a place where different flavors of the world come together.

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Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Friedrichshain: The transformation of the East
Come and see the transformation of Friedrichshain as we take you on a tour of its historic buildings, scenic hangouts, and alternative spots. Sample specialties as diverse as its people: from French to Austrian – and German too – we’ll take you to the best places.

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Berlin Schöneberg-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Schöneberg: Tasty, classy and colorful
Join us on a food tour in what was once known as the “village on the beautiful hill". Discover the district's culinary diversity through delicious tasting sessions and visits of its excellent shops, listen to exciting tales from local guides and learn more about its unique architecture.

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Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg: Glaring, hip and much-discussed
Explore one of Berlin´s most popular neighborhoods with us: Prenzlauer Berg. Once the working district, this splendid industrial area has grown into a much-discussed trendy quarter. Experience the culinary Prenzlauer Berg and get to know its people with us.

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Walking Food Tours in Berlin Germany | Eat the World Tours

Experience the Diversity of Berlin with our Walking Tours

Food Tour in Berlin Germany

As you walk the streets of Berlin, you will not only explore its culinary offerings, but also the history, culture, entertainment, and architecture of the city as each tour focuses specifically on these elements with regards to both the selected district and the city as a whole (also see top things to do in Berlin). So not only will you become an expert on the advancement of the Berlin food industry, but also the development of the city itself. Upon completion of a city walking tour, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of the city of Berlin, as well as a full stomach, which is why an Eat the World tour gift certificate is the perfect present to give that special someone (or even a not-so-special someone). Give the gift that keeps on giving, and take the stress and difficulty out of finding the perfect item by just giving them what you know they'll love!

Taste the Multiculturalism of Berlin with our Food Tours

Walking Tour in Berlin Germany

Consider us your food sherpas as we engage in a gastronomic adventure together, at which point you will experience Berlin like the locals with our culinary walking tours aimed at introducing you to the hidden gems of the city. As you walk the streets of Berlin over the course of three hours, you will be given seven different food samples which are representative of the city district you have chosen to tour. You can expect to find marzipan delicacies in Berlin’s up-scale district on the Charlottenburg walking food tour, vegan classics in Berlin’s hip and trendy district on the Neukölln walking food tour, african snacks on the colorful Wedding walking food tour, a Turkish specialty from Berlin’s original döner kebab shop on the Kreuzberg walking food tour, a cozy café in Berlin’s intellectual neighborhood on the Schöneberg walking food tour, creative snacks from the city’s artsy district on the Friedrichshain walking food tour, bohemian specialties on the Prenzlauer Berg walking food tour, a tranquil neighborhood featuring both German tradition and international charm on the Friedenau walking food tour, and much, much more!

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