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New town - new insights
"on July 28th we had the priviledge to have a tour just with my partner and the tourguide Falk Lorentz. In the 3.5 hour tour we heard a lot about this part of the city and were introduced to some nice restaurants. This was our third tour (2 former ones in Berlin and a 3rd tour ahead of us). We recommend an eat the world tour if you want to see and learn about the town you are visiting. "
Jan v. | 58 Years | Dresden | Dresden New Town-Tour
  5/5 Stars
An eye opener.
"Thank you Cindy for the fantastic tour in Dresden Neustadt. Nice food, excellent information and a loud and clear voice ;-)
Thank you for your patience with the group. Hartelijke groeten, Bernard"
Bernard W. | 53 Years | Den Haag | Dresden Neustadt-Tour
  5/5 Stars
We loved it!
"I booked on the tour with 5 friends and we just loved this mixed and varied ways of introducing us to unknown territory. Personal touch, including local contact, knowledge, warmth and insight was an ideal combination! Anyone with a slight knowledge of German will enjoy this charming tour!"
Anne Birte S. | 55 Years | Haugesund (NO) | Dresden Neustadt-Tour | 13.09.2014
  5/5 Stars
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