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Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour

  • Dive right into the history of the Karl-Marx-Allee, once called Stalinallee.
  • Get to know the colorful district around the "Boxi" and the party circuit "Simon-Dach-Straße".
  • Find out what's the deal with the butter uprising.
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No English tours available? Send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.

Walking Tour Berlin-Friedrichshain: The transformation of the East
We'll guide you on a walking tour of  Friedrichshain, a diverse and rich district in East Berlin. Experience the transformation of this fascinating quarter and sample foreign delicacies from specially chosen eateries along the way.

The tour begins on  former Stalinallee (present-day Karl-Marx-Allee), one of Europe´s longest architectural monuments. This magnificent socialist boulevard with its majestic Frankfurter Tor towering high over Berlin, enjoys a mixed history. We´ll then continue to immerse ouselves in the life of this animated district. We´ll take in the colorful diversity of Boxhagener Platz, visit the oldest house in the district, then head to the little culinary oases along Simon-Dach-Strasse, known as Berlin´s “Party Mile”.

On this tour, not only will you learn about Friedrichshain´s special history, but also its picturesque present. You´ll sample a variety of culinary specialties from different corners of the world, and receive recommendations to specially selected restaurants from local guides. By the end of this tour, you´ll feel like an insider as you acquire a taste of different cultures, never losing your way in the glut of mainstream gastronomy.


You will find an exciting range of culinary stations on your tour, such as:

  • a mediterranean delicatessen
  • a currywurst eatery
  • a Syrian café
  • a specialty store for chocolates and tarts
  • an Austrian restaurant

For most, the food samples are enough to constitute a full lunch. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, diabetic etc). We will try to tailor our tour accordingly.
Please Note: The tour is not suitable for vegans, people with lactose or gluten intolerance, or those with nut allergies.

To book a tour in English, please contact us on our contact page, or call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.


Tour Details

More information here:
+49 (0)30 206 22 999 0

from €33,00 per ticket; €20,00 for children up to 12 years

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, all year round
We highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit

Booking deadline:
Until two hours before the tour starts.

roughly three hours

Meeting Point:
Frankfurter Tor (Precise meeting point follows booking.)

This tour is not accessible by wheelchair, walker, or stroller.

The tour will take place under all weather conditions.

comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended

All food samples (enough for a meal) and an eat-the-world district guide.

No minimum number of participants.


We taste on the go and are not seated.

Total: 13 Reviews
"Very exiting - good mixture of history and food. Very good tour-guide. Sad it rained. Good Company from the other guests"
Leif/anja H. | 68 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 08.10.2015
  4/5 Stars
Exploring Friedrichshain
"It was nice to hear so much new information about the neighbourhood. And the food in between was very good. Even my eleven year old son was enthousiastic."
André P. | Zutphen (NL) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 18.07.2015
  5/5 Stars
"Very well done! Christina delivered a fun tour with many interesting facts and great places to sample. Thanks, we will do it again!"
Anja K. | 44 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 24.04.2015
  5/5 Stars
The best sightseeing tours!
"Thank you Kristina from Australia for a nice walk, tasty foods and for getting to know a very interesting part of Berlin, that we wouldn´t have seen otherwise. This kind of tour was perfect for us!!"
Anita P. | Vällingby (SE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 17.04.2015
  5/5 Stars
"The first 2 stations I felt a little bit alone. I was the only foreign participant and participated all alone. The others were in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 people and all of them lived in Berlin or Potsdam. So I felt a bit awkward in the beginning. Luckily by the end of the tour I had a chat with mostly all of the other participants.
The tour itself was very well organised and a very good way to get to know the neighbourhood and the great places to eat. When I come back to Berlin I will surely book a tour again (and I`ll bring my husband)!"
Viviane V. | 35 Years | Berchem (BE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 20.09.2014
  4/5 Stars
"Mariam was terrific! Lots of positive energy! Most enjoyable and very fun day. I’d like to do another tour!

(August 2014)"
Ronald L. | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Hi Elke,
I hope you’re doing well.&I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much we enjoyed both of our tours – the one in Berlin and the one in Hamburg.&We were so impressed with both of our guides (both Christinas!) and how much they knew of their respective cities and specific areas and our food tours were our favorite parts of the two weeks we spent in Germany.&Well that and the soccer games, of course!
Our favorite restaurant from the Berlin tour (specifically the Friedrichshain tour) was the small Bulgarian restaurant that we went to.&She has such a wonderful place there.&We were sorry that we didn’t have a chance to go back there for dinner.&However, please tell Christina that we did get to visit Weiss, which was her suggestion for dinner.&We absolutely loved it and it was a perfect recommendation.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we loved the tours and will spread the word to our friends as they visit Germany. Best Regards,

Angie S. (June 2011)"
Angie S. | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Eva-Maria gave us a super tour of Friedrichshain on Saturday. She is very professional, informative, interesting and kind.

Jill (February 2011)"
Jill | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  4/5 Stars
"Thank you for arranging our tour with Dieter. I am sorry abour the mix up with two of the party, who could not find the place.Coming by taxi, they had arrived too early and did not wait for long enough.
They missed and excellent tour, which we all enjoyed.It gave such a different outlook to the city and we could see how the people were living now, and also enjoy the variety of food.I haven't quite made up my mind about Curry Sausage !
Very many thanks,

Anne (October)
Anne | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"A wonderful time. Sorry I missed the first hour of it as the clocks were set ahead an hour and I didn't know that.

Kathy, 70, Canada (March 2009)"
Kathy | 70 Years | Canada | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Our group of 10 spent a lovely morning with Elke in Friedrichshain last Saturday 6th Dec 08. What a great experience! Elke was a delight and we enjoyed the lovely food - generous portions too! along with strolling around this most interesting area of Berlin. Highly recommend it.

Aideen, 53, Ireland (December 2008)"
Aideen | 53 Years | Ireland | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"This was a really interesting tour - I've never experienced anything quite like it! It is a great idea to combine a cultural walking tour with interesting local food samples. I definitely got a feel for the district and an idea about what 'typical Berlin food' really means. Now I can show off to my friends when they come and visit me... I know more about the place than the average Berliner!

Jessi, 21, England (April 2008) "
Jessi | 21 Years | England | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Your tour was really different from other tours. The mixture of culture and food allowed us a deeper insight into everyday life in Berlin as it is lived nowadays while providing information about the historical background at the same time. This experience impressed us far more than the conventional sights.

Nils, 63 & Ann, 62 Stockhom / Sweden (May 2008)"
Nils & Ann | Stockhom / Sweden | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
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