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Walking Food tours in Leipzig

Walking food tours leipzig

eat-the-world would like to bring you closer to other cultures and people through a dining experience. Allow us to take you off the beaten track on a culinary adventure of Leipzig. Have a look behind the scenes of the city, as we delve into delicious Leipzig with you.

Restaurant recommendations can be given for the rest of your stay so that you can quickly find your feet in Leipzig and continue your culinary journey!

Leipzig Südvorstadt-Tour

Walking Tour Leipzig Suedvorstadt: Traditional, colorful and youthful
Experience the colorful and lively Suedvorstadt area of Leipzig, where people live in magnificent art nouveau buildings. Enjoy the culinary diversity around the ‘Suedmeile’. Join us on a culinary and cultural tour, where you’ll have the opportunity to try tasty samples from specially-selected establishments.

Leipzig Plagwitz-Tour

Walking Tour Leipzig-Plagwitz: Explorations on the "Island Mountain"
Stroll with us along the Karl-Heine canal and the Weiße Elster river on the west end. Nowhere else In Leipzig attracts so many young artists, designers, gallery owners, architects and freelancers as Plagwitz, where culinary delights range from the easy, lovingly made to elaborately homemade.

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Walking Food Tours Leipzig in Germany/ things to do in leipzig

Walking food tours in Leipzig with eat-the-world

Come with us on a culinary journey! Since 2008, eat-the-world has been showing visitors and locals alike the highlights of German cities from the tasty side. On our walking food tours in Leipzig, you will stray off the beaten tourist track, find hidden gems and experience a totally different kind of tour. The tours offer lots of delicious tasting samples from carefully selected, owner-operated restaurants and cafes, plus lots of history, culture, architecture and stories of the area. The walking food tours in Leipzig are offered in Südvorstadt and Plagwitz.

Learn what Leipzig’s all about with walking food tours in Leipzig

The walking food tours in Leipzig are part of eat-the-world’s unique concept. The aim of eat-the-world is to help people get to know a city through its food. Our walking food tours in Leipzig revolve around local small businesses who operate off the beaten tourist track. Find out the stories behind unique Leipzig dishes and the people who serve them. Putting together five to seven tasting samples leaves you with a wide perspective of the city, a full belly, and an incredible experience. You can also give the experience to someone you love with a gift certificate.

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