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Walking Food Tours in Hamburg

eat-the-world introduces you to Hamburg with a walking food tour. Go off the beaten path, and join us on a culinary and cultural sightseeing adventure. Experience real life of Hamburg, as we offer you a behind the scenes look of the city.

Hamburg St. Pauli-Tour

Walking Tour Hamburg-St. Pauli: Colorful, creative and fancy (Premiere on April 12, 2015)
Explore the colorful entertainment district with its world famous Reeperbahn and beautiful harbor. For centuries it had been an infamous suburb in Hamburg, today it has become the district of artists and creative minds. Experience and taste this fascinating neighborhood in an alternative way including culinary highlights.

Hamburg Grindel-Tour

Walking Tour through Hamburg’s Grindel Quarter: Full of contrast and steeped in history
Come with us on a ramble through the fascinating Grindel quarter. Once popularly called “little Jerusalem,” the Grindel quarter will open up its history and its culinary treats to us. Together we’ll discover the lively university, opulent villas and small, special shops.

Hamburg Eppendorf-Tour

Walking Tour Hamburg Eppendorf: Big-city beauty through the ages
Join us on a city tour between rural idyll and big city atmosphere. Have unusual insight into small courtyards and picturesque parks. Stroll with us along its channels and discover the diversity of upper-class architecture and selected culinary highlights.


Walking Tour Hamburg Schanze: Between the Schanze and St. Pauli
Join us on a different kind of walk through Hamburg’s nightclub districts, Schanze and St. Pauli. Tasty culinary delicacies await you along with charming little shops and exciting district tales.


Walking Tour Hamburg Ottensen: Nordic and cordial
Discover Ottensen with us, a small village located in the center of Hamburg.  Formerly known as Mottenburg, the district now offers diverse galleys and is now one of the Hamburg's trendiest area. Follow us on our culinary course and experience the warmth of the Northerners.

St. Georg-Tour

Hamburg-St. Georg: Wicked, glamorous and delicious
From highly-decorated old buildings along the Alster to fantastical little shops, the oldest district of Hamburg has much to offer. We’ll guide you through this diverse district, which has a fascinating culinary side waiting to be discovered. 

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Walking Food Tours in Hamburg / things to do in hamburg

Hamburg walking food tours

With one of our many Hamburg walking food tours, you will get a colorful taste of what this harbor city is all about. Harbor tours and bus tours are one thing, but we think the best way to get to know a city is to wander its streets on foot. You’ll do more than pound the pavement with our Hamburg walking food tours – you’ll also sample the city’s traditions alongside its newest innovations. Hamburg is a culinary hub, and we offer five Hamburg walking food tours: Eppendorf-Tour, Schanzen-Tour, Ottensen-Tour, St. Georg-Tour and - coming next, the Grindel-Tour.

A taste of the harbor with Hamburg walking food tours

Get to know what moves the people here, what they snack on before the sun comes up and after it goes down – and what keeps them going in between. All of our Hamburg walking food tours are guided by a local with years of knowledge and experience. Get to know the city through its seven culinary stops, the tasting samples and the history of the neighborhoods. It’s the best way to see (and taste) Hamburg for yourself. Can’t decide which to take? Try a few – and give a gift certificate to anyone else who’d have a great time, too.

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