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Walking Food Tours in Berlin

eat-the-world introduces you to Berlin with a walking food tour. Go off the beaten path, and join us on a culinary and cultural sightseeing adventure. Experience real life of Berlin, as we offer you a behind the scenes look of the city.


Walking Tour Berlin-Kreuzberg: Multicultural and legendary
Get to know what life is like in the diverse and vibrant district of Kreuzberg. With tours conducted by local guides, you can try everything Kreuzberg has to offer. From dhal soup to doener, brownies to German apple pie, Kreuzberg is truly a place where different flavors of the world come together.

Berlin Kreuzberg walking tour


Walking Tour Berlin-Friedrichshain: The transformation of the East
Come and see the transformation of Friedrichshain as we take you on a tour of its historic buildings, scenic hangouts, and alternative spots. Sample specialties as diverse as its people: from French to Austrian – and German too – we’ll take you to the best places

Walking Tour Berlin Friedrichshain


Walking Tour Berlin-Schöneberg: Tasty, classy and colorful
Join us on a food tour in what was once known as the “village on the beautiful hill". Discover the district's culinary diversity through delicious tasting sessions and visits of its excellent shops, listen to exciting tales from local guides and learn more about its unique architecture.

Walking Tour Berlin Schöneberg

Prenzlauer Berg-Tour

Walking Tour Berlin Prenzlauer Berg: glaring, hip and much-discussed
Explore one of Berlin´s most popular neighborhoods with us: Prenzlauer Berg. Once the working district, this splendid industrial area has grown into a much-discussed trendy quarter. Experience the culinary Prenzlauer Berg and get to know its people with us.

Walking Tour Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Berlin Walking Food Tours With eat-the-world

Berlin walking food tour

Hop-on/hop-off busses are all well and good when you visit a city, and it’s true, sometimes there are delightful treats to be found on the High Street, but when it’s possible, walking is the best way to really discover a city.  And in this same vein, it’s well known that for people and places alike, food is the fastest way to understanding. These two ideas are at the heart of the eat-the-world philosophy, and is why we are so pleased to offer four variations on the Berlin walking food tour

Taste Berlin Through A Walking Food Tour

Unlike other organizations that provide food tours that involve full course menus at two or three restaurants, eat-the-world offers a taste of just about everything worth tasting in a district.  These portions might be smaller than full meals, but as the tour works through a neighborhood on foot, anywhere from 5 to 10 different locations are sampled, and by the end, these tastes add up to a full meal, and an incredible experience.