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Great time in Hamburg
"My husband and I received this tour as a wedding present from our friends. It was great. We had lots of fun and very nice conversations. We learned about the history of the city and the food samples were really delicious, especially the soup at the last stop. Jo was a wonderful guide. We are really happy that we met him and we hope we will see him again! "
Stefana G. | 32 Years | Stade (DE) | Hamburg Schanzen-Tour | 20.10.2016
  5/5 Stars
superb tour
"very impressing tour, such a sympathetic guide"
Sebastian E. | Hamburg (DE) | Hamburg Schanzen-Tour | 06.07.2016
  5/5 Stars
Excellent tour
"Really enjoyed the tour.i've been on a few food tours in different cities and because this tour was such good value I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Joachim was a really informative and friendly guide.he spent a lot longer than we expected and didn't rush us at all.we learned a lot about Hamburg. I would recommend doing this tour at the start of your stay in Hamburg.really want to do more tours with this company.looking forward to our next German break"
Carol B. | 43 Years | Dublin (IE) | Hamburg Schanzen-Tour | 18.03.2016
  5/5 Stars
A good day in St. Pauli
"Nice food walk at St. Pauli area. Can be recommended, if you want to taste food for many countries. "
Lars R. | 52 Years | Karlsunde (DK) | Hamburg St. Pauli-Tour | 24.05.2015
  5/5 Stars
Excellent culinary tour!
"This is THE best way to spend an afternoon in Hamburg. Claudia was an expert guide. Our small and congenial group learned about the St. Georg district's history and sampled delicious foods including specialty cheeses, herbs/spices, Persian pastries, Flammkuchen (2 types), and artisanal teas. All of the shop owners were pleasant and welcoming to our group. I highly recommend Eat-the-World in Hamburg!"
Karan S. | Brooklyn, New York (US) | Hamburg St. Georg-Tour | 21.04.2015
  5/5 Stars
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