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Muenster Kreuzviertel-Tour

  • Experience a colorful mix of people who live in the Kreuzviertel.
  • Listen to the many gangster stories of the Kreuzviertel.
  • Be amazed by magnificent art nouveau buildings.
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No English tours available? Send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.

Walking Tour Muenster-Kreuzviertel: From peasantry to bourgeoisie
Once home to shepherds and later to rogues and crooks – who even developed their own language for their craft – the Kuhviertel (literally the Cow District) has morphed into the city’s entertainment and nightlife district. Here you’ll find many pubs and restaurants, and ample opportunities in the evenings to enjoy the city’s nightlife. 

In contrast, the Kreuzviertel (literally the Cross District) exudes an entirely different charm. 19th-century art nouveau houses once belonging to the wealthy middle class, who desired large modern homes for their families, still characterize the Kreuzviertel to this day. Today you’ll find a colorful mix of people here, from academics and students to young families. The area also has much to offer in the culinary sense… you´ll be surprised!

During this tour you will learn about Muenster´s history, architecture, and varied range of entertainment options. You will be able to try various different culinary specialities and uncover Münster's secrets.


You will find an exciting range of culinary stations on your tour, such as:


  • a iconic seafood restaurant
  • a cozy coffee shop
  • a delicatessen with Spanish specialties
  • a small organic café
  • an exclusive dessert café
  • a traditional brewery

For most, the food samples are enough to constitute a full lunch. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, diabetic etc). We will try to tailor our tour accordingly.
Please Note: The tour is not suitable for vegans, people with lactose or gluten intolerance, or those with nut allergies.

To book a tour in English, please contact us on our contact page, or call us at:  +49 (0)251 136 46 42.


Tour Details

More information here:
+49 (0)251 136 46 42

from €33,00 per ticket; €20,00 for children up to 12 years

Fridays and Sundays, all year round.
We highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit.

Booking deadline:
Until one hour before the tour starts.

roughly three hours 

Meeting Point:
Kreuzviertel (Precise meeting point follows booking.) 

This tour is not accessible by wheelchair, walker, or stroller.

The tour will take place under all weather conditions. 

comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended

All food samples (enough for a meal) and an Eat the World district guide. 

No minimum number of participants. 


We taste on the go and are not seated.

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