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Munster might be small, but it’s full of history. It has just over double the inhabitants required to call itself a Großstadt, or major city, though it has most definitely retained much of the charm that small European towns are famous for. Even with this charm though, Munster has quite a young and lively population because of the famous Westfälische Wilhelms University. And as it has over twice as many bikes as people and offers special ‘bike-only’ paths around the city, renting a bike to explore is definitely at the top of the list of things to do in Munster. The city has many reconstructed and beautiful buildings to show off, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Munster is a small city, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have something for everyone. Explore the delicious hidden secrets of this beautiful little city with Eat the World.

Things to do in Munster: History

Though a little over 90% of the city was leveled during bombing raids during the Second World War, extensive reconstruction efforts have helped Munster keep an old-world charm about it. This is fitting since the ancient history of Munster is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this city’s past.  Münster held great importance in Europe in the Middle Ages. One of the most famous moments in Munster’s history happened in the sixteenth century, and is known as the Munster Rebellion. The Art and Cultures museum is definitely something to add to your list of things to do in Munster if you’re looking to learn more about this rebellion, and Munster’s history in general.  The rebellion began as the Anabaptists succeeded in taking control of the city in 1534. The Anabaptists that controlled Munster were a radical fundamental Christian sect, who believed in a very literal reading of the bible, and specifically the Sermon on the Mount, which accounted for their militant action against the leaders of Munster before they arrived.  As they took over the city, the Anabaptist leaders renamed Munster to ‘New Jerusalem,’ and converted and then baptized every willing adult in the city. The Anabaptists held Munster for 18 months, and were the reason for quite a few strange developments in that time. Not only was the Anabaptist control of the city the starting point for a siege that lasted the entirety of their 18 month rule which crippled the city and starved the common folk, the Anabaptists also had a rather strange way of celebrating their faith.  For instance, the original leader of the Munster Rebellion and self proclaimed prophet Jan Matthys preached that the rapture would happen on Easter Sunday 1534. The other Anabaptist leaders and community quickly ostracized Matthys and his followers for this, which resulted in Matthys’ head ending up on a pike his genitals nailed to the city gates, and his second in command taking up the roll of the religious and political leader of ‘New Jerusalem.’ This bloody chapter of Munster’s history ended up in the Bishop of Munster and his troops gaining back control of the city and stringing up the corpses of the Anabaptist leaders steel cages on St. Lambert's Church for all to see. Learning about this gruesome tale is certainly one of the fascinating things to do in Munster today.

Things to do on Munster: Food

Luckily the political climate isn’t the only thing to have gotten better in Munster since the sixteenth century. And if you were wondering, don’t worry, the pungent cheese of the same name was invented and named for the French Munster, so there is no delicious and stinky cheese tradition in Munster, Germany. There is a strong culinary movement in this small city, however. Cafes and bars in the Kreuzviertel cater to the student audience of the neighborhood, and fans of fine dining can find gourmet offerings near the harbor. This variety is why Eat the World is so proud to offer two unique culinary tours of Munster. Our tours are the perfect way to acquaint yourself to the various culinary, historical and cultural things to do in Munster. We look forward to showing you a taste of Munster.

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