Best Things to Do in Munich, Germany:

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Top Things to Do in Munich, Germany

Top Things to Do in Munich: Culture

Best Things to Do in Munich Germany
What to Do in Munich Germany
Places to Visit in Munich

Munich is no doubt a beautiful and power-filled town full of prosperity which is obvious as soon as you enter the city limits. Munich is an old city with old traditions, and though it may look like a bustling hub, most natives would classify it as more of a sleepy village. There are many things to do in Munich to better understand this mini-metropolis and its duplicity. Munich's Haidhausen district features a vibrant mixture of history, culture, and art which combines old German charm with modern big-city panache. Points of interest in the area include: the Wiener Markt, a daily food market which has been operating since 1889; the Prinzregententheater (Prince Regent Theater), the local theater and opera house which began exclusively as a festival hall for Richard Wagner’s operas in 1901; Rosenheimer Platz which now houses Munich’s largest brewery, although it was formerly home to the Bürgerbräukeller, best known as the location of the infamous Beer Hall Putsch; the residential Franzosenviertel (French quarter) which has its roots in the Franco-German War; and of course the Maximilianeum which houses the Bavarian state government. If you prefer sites and activities which are a bit more artistic in nature, yet with strong historic roots, then there’s plenty to see in Munich's Schwabing borough, which features several creative and intellectual haunts including the English Garden, the Japanese Teahouse, and the trendy “Student City”. Join us on an Eat the World tour and we’ll help you eliminate the stress and hassle of trying to decide what to do and see in one of Germany’s most historical cities. Together we’ll explore the best places to visit in Munich, take in the culture, and eat like locals as we embark on our cosmopolitan journey.

Top Things to Do in Munich: History

Best Things to Do in Munich

Every September, Munich overflows with people celebrating the nearly 200-year-old tradition of Oktoberfest in the world famous Theresienwiese. The original cause for celebration, which was the royal marriage between Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in 1810, may be somewhat lost to those celebrating at the German festival today. However, even if this small moment of Munich’s history has been overshadowed today, exploring the history of this Bavarian capital remains an extremely valuable thing to do in Munich. The city itself is perhaps best known for its infamous role during World War II at which point it rose to fame on international levels. As such, Munich has since found itself steeped in rich 20th Century history, all of which is quite evident in the many historical sites and museums open to the public in this ancient city.

Top Things to Do in Munich: Food

Places to Visit in Munich Germany
What to Do in Munich
Top Things to Do in Munich Germany

Outside the turbulent and fascinating history of Munich, eating is a great option when thinking of things to do in the city. As Munich is a truly Bavarian town, the traditional bayerische Küche such as the Münchner Weißwürste offered in the city is not to be missed, although Munich is surprisingly well established in the international and revolutionary food scene. The culinary offerings of this city are impressive, although perhaps a bit overwhelming to the naked eye, which is why a food tour is the best thing to do in Munich, and consequentially why Munich is the perfect city to sample with an Eat the World tour. We currently offer two tours throughout the city, each exploring a different neighborhood and offering a unique understanding of the best things to eat and top things to do in the most popular districts of Munich. Our food tours also serve valuable historical and cultural context alongside the delicious samples from our partner shops, all of which are locally-owned Munich favorites. So as you learn about the city’s fascinating history and culture while enjoying an original Munich pretzel, you can rest assured that by participating in an Eat the World tour you are supporting the local heart of this breathtaking city. We look forward to welcoming you to Munich, showing you where to eat like the locals, and most importantly, giving you a taste of the city. O’zapft is!

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