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Things to do in Hamburg

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things to do in Hamburg group
things to do in Hamburg sightseeing
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Hamburg is a unique city, to say the least. It is a place almost founded on contrasts. It is one of the busiest harbors in the world, but is hours away from the sea; there are centuries of history, but nearly everything in Hamburg was constructed relatively recently; the famous Reeperbahn, full of the craziest bars and clubs, is within walking distance of the Hamburg State Opera. With this multi-faceted identity, there are an incredible amount of things to do in Hamburg. However, music isn’t the only thing that Hamburg has to offer. The incredibly eclectic population has provided this city with an equally eclectic palate, which makes eating one of the best things to do in Hamburg, especially when joining one of our Eat the World tours. 

Things to do in Hamburg: History

Hamburg is no doubt an ancient city; there is evidence of the first colonizers of this crucial port town setting around 4000 BC. However, most of this history is no longer visible to the naked eye. This is because during the Second World War the majority of downtown Hamburg was hit in devastating bombing raids.  Though much construction has revitalized this historic city’s architectural past, many of the original buildings were lost.  On the happier side of this history though, is Hamburg’s close relationship with the development of punk and, again in contrast, The Beatles.  Hamburg was the place where The Beatles first gained success in the music industry, and because of this there are quite a few places in the city where you can really get to know the ‘Fab Four.’ This long history definitely makes the museums, memorials and guided tours a must-see on your list of things to do in Hamburg. 

Things to do in Hamburg: Food!

This is where Eat the World comes in. With a vast and busy city such as Hamburg, exploring the city on one’s own can get overwhelming, fast. With four Eat the World tours in Hamburg we offer a valuable glimpse at not only the culinary offerings of the most famous districts, we also provide valuable historical and cultural context to this sample of the city. In Hamburg you have the choice between tours in the Schanze, Ottensen, St. Georg and Eppendorf. By the end of an Eat the World tour you will know the most delicious dishes, and the best things to do in this northern capital. We look forward to showing you a taste of Hamburg. 

More information about our walking food tours in Hamburg

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