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Amazing things to do in Frankfurt

Things to do in Frankfurt: This city is definitely a metropolis. As the fifth largest city in Germany, there is a hustle felt on the street that is unique to large cities. Frankfurt is also considered the economic heart of Europe, but this is not to say that trading stocks and going to work are the only things to do in Frankfurt. The truth is quite the contrary, actually. This business heart of Europe has been influenced by commerce, certainly (Frankfurt has developed a collection of skyscrapers that has inspired the creation of the playful nickname ‘Mainhattan’), but before modern business was king, Frankfurt was a busy trading center and home to actual kings.  This tradition of trade has given Frankfurt am Main a rich history where it is obvious to see the melting of many different cultures. The commercial and cultural influences on its past have produced some fantastic things to do in Frankfurt. We urge you to explore the culinary and historical significance of this one-of-a-kind business center with one of the amazing Food and Culture Tours of Eat the World.

Things to do in Frankfurt: History

As it has a central location in Europe, Frankfurt has always been a commercial port. This fact has made Frankfurt a wealthy city, but finance isn’t the only thing that is rich in Frankfurt. The economic success of this city has influenced and supported the art, music and general culture for centuries, and has provided a long list of museums and monuments to add to the list of things to do in Frankfurt.  Frankfurt was also one of the most progressive cities in Europe.  Its first Jewish mayor was elected in 1924: Ludwig Landmann was mayor of Frankfurt for nearly a decade, and helped build significant housing developments in this time, but was evicted from office when the Nazi Party came to power in 1933. The medieval city center was also almost completely destroyed in the bombings that took place in the last moments of the war, which destroyed much of the architectural past of Frankfurt. The progressive nature of Frankfurt was crushed during the Nazi regime and the Second World War. However, after the dust settled Frankfurt quickly regained its feet. Located in West Germany, Frankfurt had the chance to become the financial heart of Europe once again, especially as Berlin was crippled in this capacity because of the sectoring and multiple nations vying for the capital. This economic boom helped develop Frankfurt into the modern city we know today. 

Things to do in Frankfurt: Food

‘Mainhattan’ has developed quite the palate because of this economic and cultural past.  Don’t miss out on the Äbbelwoi, or hard apple cider and Grüne Soße or green sauce that the city is famous for (Grüne soße is known as German philosopher and writer Goethe’s favorite food), but don’t limit yourself to Frankfurt’s frankfurters & tradition. Keep an eye out for the on-trend vegan and vegetarian offerings of Frankfurt as well. Because Frankfurt has been a bustling city for so long, it can also offer visitors nearly any kind of food they could desire. From innovative German fusion in one of the many skyscrapers, to classic and affordable imbiss cafes at ground level there is something for every budget and taste. The huge business side of Frankfurt might outshine the culinary scene of this city, but that is what Eat the World tours are for. With our tour of Frankfurt’s Nordend district we explore the path less taken in this metropolis as far as food is concerned, and discover the locally owned soul hidden under all the finance. Our tours also provide a historical and cultural context to the food sampled. We look forward to showing you a taste of Frankfurt.

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