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Because it is a smaller town, one might assume that there aren’t so many things to do in Dresden, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in history and heart.  Its past is a tumultuous one, which is clear to see with a walk through the "Alt-Stadt", that happens to be almost completely new construction prompted after the deadly bombings of the city during World War II. However, even with this sad history, the city is a young one, and is filled with a marvelously diverse and hungry population. For Eat the World history and food go hand in hand as the perfect things to do in Dresden. 

Things to do in Dresden: History

Before 1945 Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe”. It had a tradition of being a city of ancient Saxon princes and kings, and developed the architecture and reputation to match. The city was filled with intricately magnificent structures and art, and had a blossoming cultural variety as well. This pre World War history alone makes a historical tour one of the great things to do in Dresden.  Of course, though, the Second World War is one of the major reasons to visit Dresden. Learning of the infamous Allied fire bombings of 1945 is at once terrifying and fascinating. Seeing the reconstructed Altstadt is all the more mesmerizing once you know what happened there only a handful of decades ago. There’s also the Blue Wonder to be seen to the east of the city, which provides a hopeful if daring perspective of the war.

Things to do in Dresden: Food!

The food to be had in Dresden runs the gamut from traditional German fare, to laid back modern take-out shops. This diversity is one of the main reasons why eating one of the stellar things to do in Dresden. The Neustadt district is especially lively with its young inhabitants. There are gastro-pubs and cafes along every street just waiting to serve you a slice of Dresden. This is why Eat the World has established a gourmet food tour of Dresden specializing in the Neustadt. Along our tour not only will you learn about the history of this old and somewhat tragic city, you’ll also experience the best sample of what the Neustadt has to offer, as well as a broad sense of the fantastic things to do in Dresden once the tour is over. And what with the tour ending in the Neustadt district, you will be perfectly set up to experience what the Dresden natives get up to at night.We look forward to showing you a taste of Dresden. 

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