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Bremen is a small city with a lot of history. Down every alley there are secrets and fables to be had, and centuries old buildings to explore. There are museums and attractions for the whole family, as well as a surprisingly bustling nightlife, and what with the fresh seafood offerings on the culinary side of the spectrum, there’s no doubt that there are some fantastic things to do in Bremen when exploring the city with Eat the World.

Things to do in Bremen: Folk history

The first thing that most non-German’s visiting Bremen will think of when they think of this northern city is probably the Grimm Fairytale, the Town Musicians of Bremen. And while this tale is celebrated in Bremen (the famous bronze statue of the stack of musical animals can be found next to the town hall) there is more to this city than a stack of talented farm animals. Discovering the history this city has to offer is absolutely a worthwhile thing to do in Bremen. In this busy harbor’s streets is kept centuries of history and tradition. The oldest known statue of Roland sits in the market square in front of Bremen’s town hall in the Altstadt. This ancient statue dates back to the early 15th century, and not only represents the independence and freedom that Bremen has maintained, or attempted to maintain since its founding, it also offers a touchstone to the amazing past that Germany and this northern city have to offer the present. 

Things to do in Bremen: Food!

Even with this rich history Bremen has kept up into the twenty-first century. It is a small, but bustling city, especially the Viertel district is known for a night life and culinary atmosphere that might surprise some. There are influences of old north-Germanic styles, as well as trendy organic and fair trade to be had all over the city. Eating is definitely one of the best things to do in Bremen. This is why Eat the World is proud to offer two unique tours of the culinary things to do in Bremen. Over both of the three hour tours, not only will you learn of the local folk lore, culture and history, but you will also sample seven extraordinary examples of what Bremen’s palate has to offer. We look forward to showing you a taste of Bremen.

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