Best Things to Do in Berlin, Germany:

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Wondering what to do in Berlin on your next visit? We’ve got you covered!

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Join us as we explore the art, history, culture, architecture, and, most importantly, food, of Europe’s most multicultural city.

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Top Things to Do in Berlin
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Eat the World Top Things to Do in Berlin: Culture

Best Things to Do in Berlin
What to Do in Berlin Germany

Germany’s capital is a young and vibrant city where you will find layers of history and a multicultural population to match its past. With this history also comes an astronomical amount of things to do: from the world-renowned shopping along the Kudamm in Berlin-Charlottenburg or the spot of the JFK "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech in Berlin-Schöneberg, to the infamous graffiti in Berlin-Kreuzberg or the historically-recognized pre-war architecture in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, to the East Side Gallery featuring a section of the Berlin Wall in Berlin-Friedrichshain or the sight of a former airport at Tempelhofer Park in Berlin-Neukölln, there is no limit to the number of amazing things one can do in Berlin, Germany. Join us on an Eat the World tour and we’ll help you eliminate the stress and hassle of trying to decide what to do and see in one of Europe’s most historical cities. Together we’ll explore the best places to visit in Berlin, take in the culture, and eat like locals as we embark on our cosmopolitan journey.

Top Things to Do in Berlin: History

Best Things to Do in Berlin Germany

As soon as you arrive in Berlin, whether it by by rail, car, or plane, it’s easy to see the dividing lines that history has left on Germany’s capital city. The most prominent and visible of these dividing lines may well be the most famous: the Berlin Wall which previously divided Germany in two. Torn down in 1989, die Berliner Mauer, as it is called in German, stood for nearly three decades and remains a symbol of the Cold War period of Germany’s history. The royal history of Berlin can also be learned about through the many historical sites and museums open to the public in this ancient city.

Top Things to Do in Berlin: Food

Places to Visit in Berlin Germany
Top Things to Do in Berlin

The culinary offerings of this city are impressive, although perhaps a bit overwhelming to the naked eye, which is why a food tour is the best thing to do in Berlin, and consequentially why Berlin is the perfect city to sample with an Eat the World tour. We currently offer six tours throughout the city, each exploring a different kiez (or neighborhood) and offering a unique understanding of the best things to eat and top things to do in the most popular districts of Berlin. Our food tours also serve valuable historical and cultural context alongside the delicious samples from our partner shops, all of which are locally-owned Berliner favorites. So as you learn about the city’s fascinating history and culture while enjoying an original Berlin döner, you can rest assured that by participating in an Eat the World tour you are supporting the local heart of this breathtaking city. We look forward to welcoming you to Berlin, showing you where to eat like the locals, and most importantly, giving you a taste of the city.

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We combine the culinary and historical wonders of Berlin while showcasing the cultural gems of each district. Book a Berlin walking food tour now and experience the city for yourself!

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