English tours of eat-the-world starting april 2013

eat-the-world, leader of food and culture tours in Germany, will offer tours in English beginning in April 2013

Founded in 2008 with the concept of food tourism, eat-the-world has introduced tourists and locals alike to the culinary and cultural sights of seven German cities through food tours conducted in German, or bilingually in German and English. A concept inaugurated in Berlin has now expanded to include six other cities – Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Münster – with more cities to follow this year.

Beginning in April 2013, eat-the-world will offer separate English-only and German-only guided tours to better attract and serve both tourists and locals. The food and culture tours in English will be launched in the following cities: Berlin (Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain), Hamburg (St. Georg, Schanzen), Cologne (Suedstadt), Leipzig (Suedvorstadt) and Munich (Schwabing). All cities will continue to offer tours in German.

Since its inauguration, eat-the-world has provided German and bilingual tours, with a heavy importance placed on guides to conduct tours in German and English. As food tourism becomes an increasingly important trend, eat-the-world is reacting accordingly by tailoring its offerings to better accommodate the English-speaking market.

Led by local tour guides, eat-the-world tours aim to show the cultural and culinary sides of the seven German cities. An important role is played by what locals eat, and eat-the-world-founder Elke Freimuth has an important goal at heart: to show the life of the locals, and the small, authentic, locally-owned places that characterize any given district.
You can find eat-the-world online at https://www.eat-the-world.com/en or by phone at +49 (0) 30-530 661 65. Tours can be booked an hour or more before scheduled, online or by phone.
Background eat-the-world:
During various stays abroad, the founder, Elke Freimuth, was always asking herself the same question: What do they eat in the area and what characterizes the way of life of the locals? When she then lived for a while in New York, USA, she noticed that the small, family-run businesses were disappearing, driven by the growth of large chains. The young entrepreneur says of her aim: “As a huge fan of European cuisine, I wanted to highlight the typical foods of different countries in relation to the daily lives of their local populations.” On her return to Germany, the idea of culinary and cultural tours away from the tourist trails took shape and in April 2008, eat-the-world went online. The “eat-the-world” concept remains unique. There are culinary guided tours or tapas tours in a number of European cities, but they are usually complete menus in three to five different restaurants. The idea of having a lot of small, representative samples is new. The company motto: Get to know the area through its food and its people. This concept helped eat-the-world’s founder, Elke Freimuth, persuade the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR), the online Internet travel portal association, and win its innovation competition, “Launch Pad 2009”. Now present in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, and Münster, eat-the-world is the leader of culinary guided tours in Germany, with other European cities under way.

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