Berlin for people with taste

 A brandnew city tour for all those with an interest in culture and food.

(Berlin, 01.04.2008)  Those willing to take a look behind the scenes of the city and try a piece of the genuine Berlin should take part in a tour staged by Every Saturday and Sunday, native guides traverse the legendary and multi-cultural Kreuzberg taking their guests through the authentic and typical Berlin, far from the well-beaten tourist track.

With an easy going atmosphere and genuinely interesting information about the history, architecture, culture and entertainment offers, participants slake their spring hunger with various Berlin delicacies. In small groups you can experience culinary highlights with history and experience how real Berliners live and eat.

Of course, restaurant recommendations and tips will be given for your further stay so that as you as the Berlin newcomer can quickly find your feet and are well-prepared for the next evening out with friends.

The tours start in the cosy Graefekiez, with its village atmosphere in the centre of the town, known as the "Tuscany of Berlin." A host of small shops cater for the refined needs of the locals and comfortable cafes invite you to linger. On the other side of the canal Landwehrkanal, you head in the direction of "little Istanbul" and the colourful Oranienstrasse, with its numerous small restaurants, bars and clubs. The annual May riots, squatters, alternative ways of life, traditional apple pie, Turkish kebabs... undiluted life.

Of course, your tour will also include a stop to savour a tasty Currywurst (an icon of German everyday life). This Berlin speciality is common knowledge, but its secret, where it was invented, and where the best currywurst in Berlin is to be found is another matter. Other culinary secrets will also be revealed and tied in with the true life of the Berliners.

Whilst abroad, the founder of the tour Elke Freimuth found herself faced by the same question: If you are what you eat, what are you in the region and what is characteristic for the lifestyle of the locals? The motto is: to find out about the region through the people and the food they eat. If you think this could meet your taste, you can find further information under

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