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Discover a Taste of Frankfurt with TV Journalist Laura di Salvo

Explore the Main metropolis off the usual tourist tracks in a particularly delicious way with the eat-the -world foodies – Premiering on Saturday, October 5th

October 2013: Frankfurt’s Nordend is just as popular with the students as it is with local celebrities. The district that was once the northern city limit has become one of the most fashionable residential areas of Frankfurt. This development can be seen in the stunning architecture, but is also reflected in the culinary pulse of the district. The first eat-the-world tour in Frankfurt starts on Saturday, at 11:30 A.M. on the 5th of October. The well known TV journalist Laura di Salvo will guide visitors and locals alike through the Nordend, providing a tasteful kind of history, including details on the urban development of the area.  And of course the tour includes visits to and samples from wonderful locally owned and owner-operated restaurants. The booking of this and many other tours (always on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 A.M.) is possible until one hour before the start time at

Frankfurt is the financial metropolis and skyscraper capital of Germany. The city is known for its impressive skyline, but don’t judge a book by its skyscrapers, as it were. The same goes for the Nordend. This Frankfurter district is a home to many stunning buildings from the late nineteenth century, as well as little streets with fenced-in gardens and magnificent courtyards. Though there is a hidden beauty to the Nordend that most have never discovered. eat-the-world- tour guide Laura Di Salvo is proud to show off this other side of Frankfurt. She explores a corner where a little bit of the squatter scene of 1968 still remains, and blows through the streets of the Nordend. The spirit lingers here from a time when Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Joschka Fischer lived together on Bornheimer Landstrasse in a shared flat. The district is also very green, which is mostly made possible by the residents of the Nordend; they replant and maintain many of the green spaces themselves. The Nordend also boasts the highest population density in the city. Here, surrounded by the Bahnhofsviertel, the Westend, and Ostend remain the most buildings from the late 19th century (more specifically the German Gründerzeit period).

It is a district where there is still plenty to discover, especially when it comes to culinary history. Far away from the well-worn tourist trails, even born Frankfurters are surprised at all the Nordend has to offer as far as hidden treasures of history and cuisine are concerned. To be sure, the culinary offerings are just as diverse as the inhabitants in this lively district.  A hidden backyard restaurant serving homemade specialties, from jam to risotto, a well established bakery whose sumptuous lemon cake melts in the mouth, a delicatessen with hearty dishes from the Mediterranean, a fancy organic restaurant offering sweet potato fries, an Italian café known for its cannoli, and a chocolate factory that is known for its surprising chocolate works - the Nordend in Frankfurt has a lot of special dishes to offer. Owner Elke Freimuth says "after the tour our customers should feel like insiders, and not lose themselves in the mainstream of the gastronomic excess supply.” That is essentially the objective of eat-the –world: providing an honest view of local life, highlighting the best and most authentic tastes to be tasted.  The culinary and cultural tour of Frankfurt is now available from eat-the –world, with more information at or Tel: +49 (0) 30-530 661 65. Booking is possible up to one hour prior to departure online or by phone. The tours take place every Friday and Saturday from 11:30 A.M., all year round.

About Laura Di Salvo: Laura di Salvo is a real Frankfurt girl born in the district Ginnheim. After high school she moved to Italy, where she studied for two years at the University of Padua." As the daughter of an Italian from Palermo and a German from Offenbach/Main, I wanted to spend some time living and studying in Italy," she explains. In 2000 she completed her MA in Political Science / Sociology / Romance Studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After graduation, she began working as a travel journalist for the TV channel N-TV with the show " Adventure, Travel TV " to jet around the world. Laura Di Salvo is also regularly standing in front of the weather map for ARD and HR since 2001. Also, the Frankfurter girl loves traveling and eating. As a tourist, she knows the "tourist traps", ie places where you pay a lot of money on bad food. As eat-the-world-tour guide she will therefore show tourists, new frankfurters and old established inhabitants the most delicious corners of Frankfurt.


During various stays abroad, the founder, Elke Freimuth, was always asking herself the same question: What do they eat in the area and what characterizes the way of life of the locals? When she then lived for a while in New York, USA, she noticed that the small, family-run businesses were disappearing, driven by the growth of large chains. The young entrepreneur says of her aim: “As a huge fan of European cuisine, I wanted to highlight the typical foods of different countries in relation to the daily lives of their local populations.” On her return to Germany, the idea of culinary and cultural tours away from the tourist trails took shape and in April 2008, eat-the-world went online. The “eat-the-world” concept remains unique. There are culinary guided tours or tapas tours in a number of European cities, but they are usually complete menus in three to five different restaurants. The idea of having a lot of small, representative samples is new. The company motto: Get to know the area through its food and its people. This concept helped eat-the-world’s founder, Elke Freimuth, persuade the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR), the online Internet travel portal association, and win its innovation competition, “Launch Pad 2009”. Now present in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, and Münster, eat-the-world is the leader of culinary guided tours in Germany, with other European cities under way.

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