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Ate München with delight
"Great introduction to the area where the foodie tour took place. History, architecture, the people, etc. Karen was an absolute marvellous guide. Huge breadth of knowledge and great choice of places to eat and drink. A wonderfull 4 hours. "
John M. | Kangaroo Point (AU) | München Haidhausen-Tour | 17.08.2018
  5/5 Stars
"Best tour of our trip - got to explore neighborhoods we would have never found, learned more about Munich, food was superb and our guide was excellent."
Kathleen F. | 63 Years | Charleston (US) | München Haidhausen-Tour | 08.03.2018
  5/5 Stars
Great time in Munich
"We had a wonderful experience on our tour. This was a gift to us and we were not sure what to expect. Our tour guide was great! He was informative, very knowledgeable and personable. "
Cheryl G. | Bridgeton (US) | München Neuhausen-Tour | 25.11.2016
  5/5 Stars
Munich Schwabing tour
"Although we were the only 2 persons on this tour, which did make it a bit challenging to keep the conversation flowing over 3+ hours, we actually both fully enjoyed ourselves. The tour host was knowledgeable, very well mannered and kept us entertained and fed throughout the period of the tour. We would reccommend the tour to anyone with a desire to learn more about Munich & the Schwabing area which isn't to be found in the tour guides."
Colin H. | 62 Years | Erding (DE) | München Schwabing-Tour | 15.06.2016
  5/5 Stars
Amazing afternoon, delicious snacks
"Our tour guide not only took us around some nice cafes with yummy snacks but also told a lot about the history in the area we walked, so you also get to listen to interesting stories and get a lot of ideas of other places to visit in the area. The group size was not big so everyone could ask questions! In each cafe we visited we were made fell very welcome!"
Aina M. | 33 Years | Sydney (AU) | München Schwabing-Tour | 11.07.2015
  5/5 Stars
"Dear Eat-the-World, Thank you for our lovely time in München! We really had a wonderful time here, thanks to your tour. You were really costumer friendly, on the phone and by e-mail. The tourguide was hilarious and serious at the same time. He made us laugh, but also think about history. He told us great stories about München, and showed us pictures from his neverending stash of books in his backpack. He knew a lot of details, and was only happy to talk more if we wanted. You could really feel that the guide had a great love for his city. I could recommend this to anybody. I'll definately try another tour in another city!
Cheers from the Netherlands

(August 2014)"
Marieke W. | Arnhem / Netherlands | München Schwabing-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Recently I went on the Schwabing tour in Munich with Ines Soder as my guide. I have to say she was an excellent tour guide and she made my visit to Munich very memorable. Ines was energetic and passionate about her job and I learnt a lot from her, both about the food in Munich and Munich's history. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.

E. C. (December 2012)"
E. C. | München Schwabing-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"The key to understanding the Haidhausen tour is that it is a cultural / historical walking tour with some interesting snack stops along the way. The real content of the tour is about the neighborhood and its old and recent history. The discussion about food was primarily focused on naming a few of the ingredients, not the food's history or its cultural relationship to the region. In fact a few of the stops were serving quite modern food which was not traditionally German. If you go in with those expectations, the tour was very nice. The neighborhood was beautiful, the history was interesting and our guide was very enthusiastic and eager to share her passion for the location. In our case the tour was 12 German speakers and 2 English speakers. Our guide was very good at making sure we learned just as much in English and was very happy to answer all of our questions in depth. I spent the rest of the day following visiting local sites recommended by the guide and could not have been happier.

Chris, California / USA (November 2012)"
Chris | California | München Haidhausen-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Angela, Thank you! I very much enjoyed the tour. Best wishes for this business going forward.

Jean, Minnesota / USA (November 2009)"
Jean | Minnesota / USA | München Haidhausen-Tour
  5/5 Stars
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