...a great idea to combine a cultural walking tour with interesting local food samples!

This experience impressed us far more than the conventional sights.

What a great experience! ...and we enjoyed the lovely food...Highly recommend it.

Yum! This was an incredible food & culture experience! Mariam, our lovable tour guide introduced each taste through the eyes of the locals with a bit of the history surrounding each culinary gem we visited. We did the Berlin-Kreuzberg tour and experienced a balanced selection of different types of cuisine. With the option to purchase a beer, coffee, or tea at many of the stops.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much we enjoyed both of our tours – the one in Berlin and the one in Hamburg.  We were so impressed with both of our guides (both Christinas!) and how much they knew of their respective cities and specific areas and our food tours were our favorite parts of the two weeks we spent in Germany.  Well that and the soccer games, of course!

As for Hamburg, we loved that Christina as well.  She was so charming and funny.  I believe Hamburg in general was my favorite city in Germany and I cannot wait to go back.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we loved the tours and will spread the word to our friends as they visit Germany.


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A Mini Guide to German Sausages

Everything you wanted to know about German Sausages!

Explore this guide and see where you can eat them Walking Food Tours. From the world-renowned Frankfurters, to Bavarian Weisswurst, and even Currywurst, the best drunk food snack in Berlin, we explore various different kinds of German sausages that have originated in the land of würst. Read about these German sausages and then take an eat-the-world tour to taste them!

A FREE Mini Guide to German Sausages!

Mini Guide to German Sausages

Currywurst - the original!

German Sausages Currywurst

Did you know that the origin of the German sausage Currywurst is heavily debated? Some people say it was invented in Hamburg, and others in Berlin. Whatever the correct answer is, it is one of the most popular sausages in Germany - each year Germans consume over 800 million currywurst. That's a lot of German sausages! With more than 2,000 currywurst stands serving up the popular German sausages in Berlin, you're never at a loss for a good snack.  Currywurst isn't eaten much in the rest of the world, but ask any German person what their favorite drunk food is and they’ll tell you that it’s definitely the German sausage currywurst with a side of pommes (French fries).

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Frankfurter - what your Hot Dog was before it was a Hot Dog

German Sausages Hot Dog

Would you ever think that your hot dog has its origins in German sausages? Frankfurters were a German sausage invented by a man from Frankfurt, as their name says, but did you know that they were first sold in Vienna? Johann Georg Lahner first sold these delicious German sausages from a stand there, which is why they are also known as wieners (Wien is the German name for Vienna). Frankfurters are a very important German sausage - they have had protected geographical status since 1860!

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Weisswurst - a Bavarian treat

German Sausages Weisswurst

The German sausage known as Weisswurst is usually eaten before noon in Bavaria because traditionally it was very perishable? The Weisswurst is a typically Bavarian German sausage, and very rarely eaten outside of the region. It has a unique taste to other German sausages due to the addition of lemon and parsley. The Weisswurst is a fairly unique German sausage in that it is normally eaten with your hands. You typically bite off one end, suck out the contents of the sausage, and dispose of the casing. Add a little Bavarian mustard and a pretzel and you have a typical German sausage meal!

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Pinkel and Knipp - try something new!

German Sausages Pinkel

You may not have heard of the German sausages Pinkel and Knipp before, but now is a good time to learn! After reading about these German sausages that are made in Bremen, Osnabrück, and Lower Saxony, you may want to try something new. These sausages are usually eaten with kale at the end of a kohlfahrt. What is a kohlfahrt, you ask? A leisurely ride through the countryside ending with a delicious meal of German sausages!

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German sausages are some of the best in the world - and know you know why! You can talk to your friends about all of the different German sausages to try on your next trip to Germany.

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Walking Food Tour

Our Walking Food Tours include:

   • a behind the scenes look of the city
   • authentic places away from the beaten tourist path
   • delicious food samples
   • interesting and funny stories
   • entertaining and humorous tour guide

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