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Walking Food Tours in Würzburg

The Würzburg culinary experience: 7 samples in 3 hours!

eat-the-world introduces you to Würzburg with a walking food tour. Go off the beaten path, and join us on a culinary and cultural sightseeing adventure. Experience real life of Würzburg, as we offer you a behind the scenes look of the city.

Würzburg Old Town-Tour

Walking Tour Würzburg Old Town: Lively, diverse flair with a historical background
Let us take you on an interesting excursion off the beaten track through the Old Town of Würzburg, which in addition to historic buildings and a fascinating history, has a lot to be uncovered. Enjoy a diverse range of culinary treats and discover clever shop ideas and innovative ideas.

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Walking Food Tours in Würzburg Germany

Discover the Historic Charm of Würzburg with our Food Tours

Food Tour in Würzburg Germany

Consider us your culinary sherpas as we engage in an titillating dining adventure, at which point you will experience Würzburg like the locals with our gastronomic walking tours aimed at introducing you to the hidden gems of the city. As you stroll along the enchanting streets of Würzburg over the course of three hours, you will be given seven different food samples which are representative of both the city and its Old Town district. Join us on a Würzburg Old Town walking food tour and explore the Franconian city located on the Main River as you learn about the area’s fascinating medieval and post-war history, discover the historic sites, and savor culinary specialties and local delicacies such as Pressack mit Musik, Klöße, and Knieküchle.

Explore the Picturesque Old Town of Würzburg with our Walking Tours

Walking Tour in Würzburg Germany

As you walk the momentous streets of Würzburg, you will not only experience its culinary offerings, but also the history, culture, entertainment, and architecture as each tour focuses specifically on these elements with regards to both the Old Town district and the city as a whole. So not only will you become an expert on the advancement of the Würzburg Old Town food industry, but also the development of the city itself. Upon completion of a city walking tour, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of the city of Würzburg, as well as a full stomach, which is why an eat-the-world tour gift certificate is the perfect present to give that special someone (or even a not-so-special someone). Give the gift that keeps on giving, and take the stress and difficulty out of finding the perfect item by just giving them what you know they’ll love!

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