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Walking Food Tours in Leipzig

The Leipzig culinary experience: 7 samples in 3 hours!

Leipzig Südvorstadt-Tour

Walking Tour Leipzig-Südvorstadt: Traditional, colorful and youthful
Experience the colorful and lively Südvorstadt area of Leipzig, where people live in magnificent art nouveau buildings. Enjoy the culinary diversity around the ‘Südmeile’. Join us on a culinary and cultural tour, where you’ll have the opportunity to try tasty samples from specially-selected establishments.

*** from €33 ***

Leipzig Plagwitz-Tour

Walking Tour Leipzig-Plagwitz: Explorations on the "Island Mountain"
Stroll with us along the Karl-Heine canal and the Weiße Elster river on the west end. Nowhere else In Leipzig attracts so many young artists, designers, gallery owners, architects and freelancers as Plagwitz, where culinary delights range from the easy, lovingly made to elaborately homemade.

*** from €33 ***

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Walking Food Tours in Leipzig Germany

Discover the Taste of Leipzig with our Food Tours

Consider us your personal food sherpas as we lead you on a culinary adventure, at which point you will experience Leipzig like the locals with our gastronomic walking tours aimed at introducing you to the hidden treasures of the city. As you walk the streets of Leipzig over the course of three hours, you will be given seven different food samples which are representative of the city district you have chosen to tour. Whether you choose to explore the majorly transformed cultural borough of the town and try hip and trendy, yet slightly eccentric, specialties on the Leipzig Plagwitz walking food tour, or rather prefer to keep it a bit more traditional by indulging in classics and rediscovering the city’s historical remnants on the Leipzig Südvorstadt walking food tour, you’ll be pleased with your decision either way and quite happy that you decided to reconnoiter the city of Leipzig with Eat the World!

Explore the History of Leipzig with our Walking Tours

Walking Tour in Leipzig Germany

As you stroll along the winding streets of Leipzig, you will not only delve into its culinary offerings, but also the history, culture, and entertainment of the city as each tour focuses specifically on these elements with regards to both the selected district and the city as a whole. So not only will you become an expert on the advancement of the Leipzig food industry, but also the development of the city itself. Upon completion of a city walking tour, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of the city of Leipzig, as well as a full stomach, which is why an Eat the World tour gift certificate is the perfect present to give that special someone (or even a not-so-special someone). Give the gift that keeps on giving, and take the stress and difficulty out of finding the perfect item by just giving them what you know they’ll love!

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