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Walking Food Tours in Frankfurt am Main

The Frankfurt culinary experience: 7 samples in 3 hours!

Frankfurt Nordend-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt-Nordend:
Hip, chic and charming

Join us on a cultural and culinary walk through the popular Nordend district of Frankfurt and discover the perfect harmony in which the eccentric student haunts fit between the original buildings. The mix of architectural styles and cultures found in Nordend provide this neighborhood with a unique charm that we can’t wait to show you.

*** from €33 ***

Frankfurt Bockenheim-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt-Bockenheim: The Gallic village of Frankfurt
The people from Bockenheim love their cozy district and fight passionately for it. In the district you will find many young families and students, long-established businesses, and right next door great, new business ideas. Join us on the very varied Leipziger Straße and let us show you small town flair in the middle of the big city.

*** from €33 ***

Frankfurt Bornheim-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt-Bornheim: The entire world in one village
Join us on a culinary expedition through the quirky, village-like area of Bornheim—one of Frankfurt's most popular districts—with its half-timbered houses, Gründerzeit facades, and apple wine pubs. Exciting stories and international culinary delights await you!

*** from €33 ***

Frankfurt Sachsenhausen-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: A district with many faces
Discover the largest district in Frankfurt south of the Main River! Treat yourself to majestic views of the river banks, lined with historical Founders’ Era villas and a culturally astounding museum landscape, and delight in the culinary highlights of Sachsenhausen’s small businesses.

*** from €33 ***

Frankfurt Holzhausen-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt-Holzhausen: Nordend West and the Holzhausen Quarter
Come along on a culinary tour and discover the lively Oeder Weg street with its many unique shops. Stroll through the Holzhausen Quarter and marvel at the neighborhood’s beautiful and historic villas located on the side streets in the Frankfurt district of Nordend West, which is particularly popular with connoisseurs.

*** from €33 ***

Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel-Tour

Walking Tour Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel: From an infamous red light district to a trendy hotspot
Prostitutes, cops, drug dealers, artists, and businesspeople—here in this station quarter, every extreme collides. Come with us on our food tour through this notorious part of Frankfurt and discover the variety of foreign culinary offerings.

*** from €33 ***

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Walking Food Tours in Frankfurt Germany

Discover Bohemian Frankfurt with our Walking Tours

Walking Tour in Frankfurt Germany

As you walk the progressive streets of Frankfurt, you will not only explore its culinary offerings, but also the history, culture, and entertainment as each tour focuses specifically on these elements with regards to both the north end district of Frankfurt and the city as a whole. So not only will you become an expert on the advancement of the Nordend food industry, but also the development of the city itself. Upon completion of a city walking tour, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation and greater understanding of the city of Frankfurt, as well as a full stomach, which is why an Eat the World tour gift certificate is the perfect present to give that special someone (or even a not-so-special someone). Give the gift that keeps on giving, and take the stress and difficulty out of finding the perfect item by just giving them what you know they’ll love!

Sample the Artistic Scene of Frankfurt with our Food Tours

Food Tour in Frankfurt Germany

Consider us your personal culinary pilots as we engage in a gastronomic adventure together, at which point you will experience Frankfurt Am Main like the locals with our food-based walking tours aimed at introducing you to the hidden treasures of the city. As you stroll along the cobbled streets of Frankfurt over the course of three hours, you will be given seven different food samples which are representative of both the city and its Nordend district. Join us on our Frankfurt Nordend walking food tour, Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel walking food tour, Frankfurt Sachsenhausen walking food tour, Frankfurt Holzhausen walking food tour, Frankfurt Bornheim walking food tour, or our Frankfurt Bockenheim walking food tour, and together we’ll explore the city’s notorious bohemian neighborhood best known as the active center of the revolutionary German youth movement in the latter part of the 20th century. The Frankfurt Nordend district has adhered to this revolutionary spirit in its modern development, and currently offers a vast array of innovative culinary selections. On this tour you’ll find an eclectic mixture of the new and old world, with everything from the traditional German bakery and classic Italian café to an organic avant-garde restaurant and artsy garden bistro, and much, much more!

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