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"What a way to get to know a place. Fantastic guide, knowing a lot, listening to us. We got to discover great small places to eat we would have never entered in without our guide. Thanks a lot Angelika !"
Jean-Luc S. | 51 Years | Cologny (CH) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 27.10.2017
  5/5 Stars
Neukoln tour
"I enjoyed my day very much !
The tour guide was very friendly, efficient, funny and professional and you could feel that he enjoys doing what he does. 5 stars to him !

The actual tour was also very nice. Maybe a choice of sample could be interesting. and a little lower price..for younger people and or students ?"
kezia Q. | 23 Years | berlin | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 28.04.2017
  4/5 Stars
Hmm . . . falafel
"I took this tour towards the end of a 10 day visit to Berlin. The only issue is that I timed it poorly: we had so much EXCELLENT food, but I did not have time to come back to any of the resraurants before I left Germany.

The guide was very knowledgeable about the area, and had obviously done research on each restaurant and is owner's.

The tour was excellently timed, informative, and delicious. Highly recommended for the experienced traveler and the lont-tI'm resident alike. "
Aaron S. | 38 Years | Berlin | Berlin Neukölln-Tour
  5/5 Stars
Christoph H. | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 03.02.2017
  4/5 Stars
Fun tour of Neuköln
"Nice walk around Neuköln. A lot of interesting small stories and anecdotes. Most of the foods where very good and exiting. We will most likely go on a tour in a new area at our next visit in Berlin ;) If we had lived nearer Neuköln we would most certainly have gone back to 1or 2 of the places."
Winni D. | 41 Years | Ribe (DK) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 25.11.2016
  4/5 Stars
Great tour for both locals and tourists alike
"Really good tour through a district where Berlin is still Berlin, where you feel the flair of many different nationalities and tastes. The choice of food was excellent and the afternoon very relaxed and enjoyable with our wonderful guide Ines, who lives and works in this area. Highly recommendable for people like me from Berlin, who want to get to know other districts of their home town better and tourists, who want to see what the 'real' Berlin is like off the beaten track."
Anne K. | 44 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 28.10.2016
  5/5 Stars
Nice tour
"It was a really nice tour through Neukölln and our guide Castillo did a very good job. The only thing was that one place was closed for the summer so we only visited 6 places. I really like eat the world tours, and hope that youll get some more tours in English soon."
Kia A. | 30 Years | hvidovre (DK) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 12.08.2016
  4/5 Stars
Kreuzberg Tour Review
"Perfectly organized tour guided by competent guide. Would recommend to anyone visiting Berlin. "
Samir I. | 51 Years | Sarajevo (BA) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 12.03.2016
  5/5 Stars
Loved the Kreuzberg Tour
"Dieter, our guide, was charming and informative. The food was great and we all found it a really interesting and fun way to explore a city. I will look out for other food tours in other cities from now on."
TRUDI D. | staverton (GB) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 21.11.2015
  5/5 Stars
"Very good trip! Good food, enough differences in taste and culture in the dishes! And a very good tourleader, if she didn't tell it was her first tour, we wouldn't have a clue, it was all very natural and professional."
Rick H. | 24 Years | Leerdam (NL) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 24.10.2015
  4/5 Stars
"Very exiting - good mixture of history and food. Very good tour-guide. Sad it rained. Good Company from the other guests"
Leif/anja H. | 68 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 08.10.2015
  4/5 Stars
Anja S. | 40 Years | Bayonne (US) | Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour | 13.08.2015
  5/5 Stars
Annette K. | Valby (DK) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 16.08.2015
  5/5 Stars
nice tour
"We took the english tour on Saturday august 8th. It was a nice way to get to know this part of Berlin. The weather was great and the tourguide, mrs Weber, did a great job explaning Kreuzberg and the history of it. We also got to know the different restaurants. For us a reason to come back in the near future and visit the restaurants. "
Jan v. | 56 Years | IJmuiden-Niederlände | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
Great tour, food and guide
"We went on a Kreutzberg-tour and it was simply a highlight of our holiday in Berlin. Angelika was a great tourguide with a lot of passion... We will definitely go on an eat-the-world-tour again, and we give eat-the-world our best recommendations! However, we could wish for more English tours :) "
Kia A. | 29 Years | Hvidovre | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
Neukolln surprise
" Thanks Anna, fascinating tour especially the old part of town. Some interesting food choices - and plenty to eat!"
Susan M. | Balmain (AU) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 24.07.2015
  5/5 Stars
Exploring Friedrichshain
"It was nice to hear so much new information about the neighbourhood. And the food in between was very good. Even my eleven year old son was enthousiastic."
André P. | Zutphen (NL) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 18.07.2015
  5/5 Stars
Super nice!
"I absolutely loved the tour! Not only we had very good food sampling, but also the very tour was so informative regarding the area we were visiting (history, architecture, events, people, etc, etc) that it really brought a huge added value to the whole experience! Our guide was super knowledgeable about everything and it was a pleasure listening to him!
Highly recommend the tour! "
Olga R. | 24 Years | Riga | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
Henning K. | Brønderslev (DK) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 16.05.2015
  5/5 Stars
"Very well done! Christina delivered a fun tour with many interesting facts and great places to sample. Thanks, we will do it again!"
Anja K. | 44 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 24.04.2015
  5/5 Stars
The best sightseeing tours!
"Thank you Kristina from Australia for a nice walk, tasty foods and for getting to know a very interesting part of Berlin, that we wouldn´t have seen otherwise. This kind of tour was perfect for us!!"
Anita P. | Vällingby (SE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 17.04.2015
  5/5 Stars
Kreuzberg food tour
"The food tour was the first thing we did when we arrived in Berlin and it's such a great experience! An Indian coconut and lentil soup to start (bit odd as it was the first thing I had eaten that day) with a tex-mex chilli con carne, some turkish treats, a decadent chocolate brownie and hot chocolate along the way - delicious and a great way to see the area. Anna was a great tour guide, and full of local knowledge as she grew up in the area and the others on the tour with us were a lovely group. #teambristol"
Pok Hay N. | 30 Years | Bristol (GB) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 07.03.2015
  4/5 Stars
Great way to see parts of the city
"I would highly recommend this tour. Our Australian tour guide was well organised, fun and knowledgeable. We saw parts of the city we would have been reluctant to explore on our own and were delighted with the many and various food offerings as we worked our way around the area.
Highly recommended."
Watson B. | 64 Years | ELGIN (GB) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 14.02.2015
  5/5 Stars
"I took the Schoneberg tour with Barbara. Unfortunately, there were no English speaking tours available and I don't speak German. However, it didn't make a big difference because the sights, and more importantly, the tastes spoke volumes. The tour covers some important sights in the area and I liked the food selections. I hope to take more of the Eat The World tours when I return to Berlin."
Andy S. | Laguna Niguel (US) | Berlin Schöneberg-Tour | 03.01.2015
  4/5 Stars
zu empfehlen
"The tour was informative and delicious. The tour guide was very nice and "knew her stuff"... thumbs up. The little restaurants were nice, although 2 out of them were more snack-bars then real restaurants. "
Alexandra G. | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 20.12.2014
  4/5 Stars
Highly Recommend!!!
"What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, relax, eat and discover Berlin! Ralf our tour guide shared his knowledge about history, architecture and food scene and was personable and hinteracted with everyone in the group with genuine interest. I will definitely be joining other Eat the World tours.. Thank you Ralf!"
bruce z. | phoenix (US) | Berlin Charlottenburg-Tour | 06.12.2014
  5/5 Stars
Rainer T. | 60 Years | Hemmoor (DE) | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour | 07.11.2014
  5/5 Stars
Lisa was wonderful
"Lisa was wonderful!
One thought: The diversity of food needs to be better balanced, both ethnically and cuisine. A liitle too much
on the sweet dessert side. Cultural content great esp Kaethe Kollwitz"
Kerry M. | 68 Years | Sydney (AU) | Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour | 05.10.2014
  4/5 Stars
"The first 2 stations I felt a little bit alone. I was the only foreign participant and participated all alone. The others were in groups of 2 or 3 or 4 people and all of them lived in Berlin or Potsdam. So I felt a bit awkward in the beginning. Luckily by the end of the tour I had a chat with mostly all of the other participants.
The tour itself was very well organised and a very good way to get to know the neighbourhood and the great places to eat. When I come back to Berlin I will surely book a tour again (and I`ll bring my husband)!"
Viviane V. | 35 Years | Berchem (BE) | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour | 20.09.2014
  4/5 Stars
Prenzelauer Berg 11 September
"Dear eat-the world
Thank you for an interesting trip through Prenzelauer Berg 11 September. It is always interesting to follow your trips, I have previously been involved in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain and I am excited to try your new trip to Charlottenburg.
Nellie Suszkiewicz"
Nellie S. | 68 Years | Brønshøj (DK) | Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour | 11.09.2014
  4/5 Stars
"Mariam was terrific! Lots of positive energy! Most enjoyable and very fun day. I’d like to do another tour!

(August 2014)"
Ronald L. | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"We took the Berlin Kreuzberg tour on Saturday Nov 9. It was really fun, and Beate was a great, great guide. Thanks. We really learned about the neighborhood from the inside out.

(November 2013)"
Rick M. | 62 Years | Kure Beach / USA | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Thanks for a great cultural and cullinary experience. The food was great and our guide Beate was very interesting and knowledgeable and I learnt a lot more about the Berlin people that I would on a typical tourist trail.
My sister and German Fiancé had a great time too. Thanks again, I will be recommending to everyone of my friends that come to Berlin.
Thanks again and ich bin satt

(October 2013) "
Jim | 34 Years | Australia | Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Yum! This was an incredible food & culture experience! Mariam, our lovable tour guide introduced each taste through the eyes of the locals with a bit of the history surrounding each culinary gem we visited. We did the Berlin-Kreuzberg tour and experienced a balanced selection of different types of cuisine. With the option to purchase a beer, coffee, or tea at many of the stops.
Cheers & Happy Tastings!

(October 2013)"
Jeff & Lori | Bloomington / USA | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Hello there, I just wanted to tell you how delighted I was to take the Prenzlauer Berg tour on July 28th. Our guide (Eileen? A young woman studying African politics/business) was very knowledgeable and kind. We knew it was a German tour but she made a point of following up with us in English. I love your concept for the food tours, and really appreciated how the restaurant owners came out to greet us. I look forward to doing more tours the next time I am in Germany!
Thanks again, Elly (August 2013)"
Elly | Berlin | Berlin Prenzlauer Berg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Hi Elke,
I hope you’re doing well.&I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much we enjoyed both of our tours – the one in Berlin and the one in Hamburg.&We were so impressed with both of our guides (both Christinas!) and how much they knew of their respective cities and specific areas and our food tours were our favorite parts of the two weeks we spent in Germany.&Well that and the soccer games, of course!
Our favorite restaurant from the Berlin tour (specifically the Friedrichshain tour) was the small Bulgarian restaurant that we went to.&She has such a wonderful place there.&We were sorry that we didn’t have a chance to go back there for dinner.&However, please tell Christina that we did get to visit Weiss, which was her suggestion for dinner.&We absolutely loved it and it was a perfect recommendation.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we loved the tours and will spread the word to our friends as they visit Germany. Best Regards,

Angie S. (June 2011)"
Angie S. | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"What a wonderful tour and Dieter was terrific!

Tierza, Omaha / USA (March 2011)"
Tierza | Omaha / USA | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Eva-Maria gave us a super tour of Friedrichshain on Saturday. She is very professional, informative, interesting and kind.

Jill (February 2011)"
Jill | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  4/5 Stars
"We went on the tour on Friday with Helga. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it - what a great way to discover a city and a bit of its history. Great samples of a wide range of foods - the doner was fantastic! Thanks for your flexibility in the booking arrangements.

Amanda, USA (January 2011)"
Amanda | USA | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Thank you for arranging our tour with Dieter. I am sorry abour the mix up with two of the party, who could not find the place.Coming by taxi, they had arrived too early and did not wait for long enough.
They missed and excellent tour, which we all enjoyed.It gave such a different outlook to the city and we could see how the people were living now, and also enjoy the variety of food.I haven't quite made up my mind about Curry Sausage !
Very many thanks,

Anne (October)
Anne | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"A wonderful time. Sorry I missed the first hour of it as the clocks were set ahead an hour and I didn't know that.

Kathy, 70, Canada (March 2009)"
Kathy | 70 Years | Canada | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Very good to hear about living in this area, included with tasting different food.
See you at your Friedrichshain-Tour in November

Bente N., 58, Danmark (September 2008)"
Bente N. | 58 Years | Danmark | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Our group of 10 spent a lovely morning with Elke in Friedrichshain last Saturday 6th Dec 08. What a great experience! Elke was a delight and we enjoyed the lovely food - generous portions too! along with strolling around this most interesting area of Berlin. Highly recommend it.

Aideen, 53, Ireland (December 2008)"
Aideen | 53 Years | Ireland | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Thank you for the really nice tour in Kreuzberg on the 7th of December! The tour crowned our weekend trip in Berlin as it was refreshingly different from any of the regular guided tours or sightseeing. We enjoyed the culinary choises a lot and it was nice to learn about the real life in Kreuzberg in the past and today. Good luck with the coming tours and cities!

Susanna & Sami, 25 & 32, Finland (December 2008)"
Susanna & Sami | Finland | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"This was a really interesting tour - I've never experienced anything quite like it! It is a great idea to combine a cultural walking tour with interesting local food samples. I definitely got a feel for the district and an idea about what 'typical Berlin food' really means. Now I can show off to my friends when they come and visit me... I know more about the place than the average Berliner!

Jessi, 21, England (April 2008) "
Jessi | 21 Years | England | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Your tour was really different from other tours. The mixture of culture and food allowed us a deeper insight into everyday life in Berlin as it is lived nowadays while providing information about the historical background at the same time. This experience impressed us far more than the conventional sights.

Nils, 63 & Ann, 62 Stockhom / Sweden (May 2008)"
Nils & Ann | Stockhom / Sweden | Berlin Friedrichshain-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Thank you for a fantastic tour on sunday 22.06.2008. On the following monday we went for a german meal at Max & Moritz, thank you for recomending that. Keep up the good work!

Jonna, 47 & Eik, 37, Copenhagen / Denmark (June 2008)"
Jonna & Eik | Berlin Kreuzberg-Tour
  5/5 Stars
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