Food tour franchise with eat-the-world

If you are looking for an opportunity to become independent and you identify with our philosophy, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Concept
We have been running food tours since 2008, first in Berlin, then in more cities. It’s an exciting business and food tours are a hot new trend in the travel industry. We aim to show both visitors and locals the way to delicious food and cultural insights, far away from the well-worn tourist trail.

We would like to give our customers a non-tourist insight into life behind the scenes of a city, which we believe not only includes background information on its history, architecture and entertainment, but also the cuisine and small businesses in the area. Our aim is to support small, high quality, fine food and gastronomy businesses.

Your Opportunity
Starting a food tour has serious profit potential while maintaining a relatively low initial investment. A franchise combines the advantages of self-employment with those of an existing business. Trust is one of the most important criteria for both partners.
We are offering you the opportunity to become independent through a new concept in city tours. You will be able to organize culinary and cultural tours in your home city as an independent businessperson and combine your genuine affinity for your city with the benefits and experience we offer.

You will be able to profit from our marketing and distribution channels, in addition to our website, which includes a shop and booking system developed specifically for eat-the-world.  Furthermore, we will train you in all areas relevant to the business, such as tour development, negotiation, customer relations, tour guide training and of course, you will be supported by the necessary documentation such as handbooks, guides and feedback surveys, and more.

Become a franchisee

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