Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Can I pay with cash?

Tickets must be purchased in advance.To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, by paypal or payment made by direct debit (only Germany). Cash is not accepted. If there are booking problems, please email us at info (at) or just call us at +49 (0)30-206 22 999 0.

Is the booking process secure?

Yes. To guarantee complete confidentiality and secure transactions, our website uses SSL encryption software. Your bank information is automatically encrypted when your data is transferred over the network. The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption system automatically encrypts data before it is transmitted over the network, and it can only be decrypted using a unique key, once it has arrived on our server. Developed by Netscape, SSL is the most widely used and successful secure transaction solution available today.

Can I get on a waiting list if a tour is sold out?

Sorry, we do not provide a waiting list. If a date is sold out, there is always a chance that we will add an additional tour. Please contact us and let us know what date you are interested in.

What type of ticket should I buy for a very young child?

Children under 6 years old who will not be eating do not require a ticket, but will still need to be registered by telephone. If your child will eat during the tour, however, please purchase a ticket. If you bring a child, please remember that the walking tour will take three hours so that a stroller/ buggy is recommended. 

How many people can attend a public tour?

The maximum number of people per tour guide is 16. If one tour is sold out, there is a very good chance we will offer another. If your group is larger than 16, we would recommend that you take an extra guide.

How does the Flex Ticket work?

The Flex Ticket gives you a one-time opportunity to rebook your tour to another date or completely cancel your reservation free of charge. You will have until 17:00 up to 5 days before the tour to benefit from this option. The Flex Ticket option furthermore guarantees reimbursement of the booked tour at no additional cost in cases of cancellation. To benefit from the Flex Ticket services, simply select the option during the booking process and indicate how many tickets you would like to insure with full flexibility. Please note that the Flex Ticket option cannot be booked after your purchase has already been made, and standard cancellation terms and conditions shall apply to tickets booked without the Flex Ticket option.

How much food is served on the tours?

There are about 7 stops for tastings on the tour. Most people find getting lunch after the tour unnecessary.

What restaurants will we visit on the tour?

We will recommend several restarants and we will visit some of them. We do not sit down at any restaurant. Most of the tastings are done on the go.

What types of foods are served on the tour?

We serve delicious and unique samples from specialty shops and restaurants.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Please note that we can only guarantee alternative samples for vegetarians if you inform us of this at the time of the booking. All other dietary restrictions are conditional. Samples are unfortunately not suitable for vegans, people with severe nut allergies, or those with gluten and lactose intolerances. Alternatively, you can also book a tour without food samples. Please give us a call for further information.

Are there any beverages served on the tour?

On each tour, you have the opportunity to purchase beverages from many shops.

Do we just walk around and sample food?

Absolutely not! Aside from sampling delicious food, you will also experience life in the neighborhood. The tour is fully narrated by your guide, who will discuss the history, culture, architecture, entertainment offerings, and of course, the off the beaten path food establishments.

How much walking is involved? Is it a fast-paced tour?

We are on our feet for approximately 3 hours. We walk at a very casual pace.

Are tours offered in other languages?

Yes, we offer tours in English and German at this time. There is a possibility to offer tours in French. If you would like to make arrangements for your own interpreter to join the tour, please contact us (> contact). 

Are the walking tours given in bad weather?

The tours are held rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, we will be able to go inside many of the establishments on the tour. We will not be outdoors for the entire tour. You should still dress appropriately for the day's weather conditions. Before purchasing tickets please be aware of the possible weather conditions for that time of year.

Are the tours barrier-free?

Please note that our tours are not completely barrier-free. If you will be using a stroller, wheelchair, or walker, please call us before booking your tour. We are happy to help.

May I bring my dog on the tour?

Due to the various food establishments we visit, pets of any kind are not allowed on this tour.

Does this tour have anything to offer a native Berliner?

Definitely! Locals often attend to learn about the neighborhood and the city in which they live. We mainly stay off the beaten path, and thus avoid being consumed by crowds of tourists.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, please go to the site "Gift Certificates" where you can buy gift certificates.

Can I book a private tour?

Yes, of course. To inquire about a private tour, please fill out the form (> contact). We will contact you within 48 hours to inform you if the date and time requested are available. 

Can I take pictures or video on the tour?

Yes! The cities are beautiful and we encourage pictures. Please don’t forget your camera. Please respect the privacy of the staff.

Are restrooms available during the tour?

Yes, there are a number of restrooms available during this tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

The withdrawal must take place in writing, or by e-mail or fax, and must be confirmed by eat-the-world. If the customer withdraws from the contract or does not keep an arranged appointment without having withdrawn from the contract previously, eat-the-world can demand an appropriate compensation. eat-the-world can make a concrete calculation of the damages, or can validate a general cancellation charge. This amounts to:

  • from the 30th to the 15th day prior to the event's beginning: 20% of the contractual sum total,
  • from the 14th to the 6th day prior to the event's beginning: 50% of the contractual sum total,
  • from the 5th day before the event's beginning or by non-appearance: 100% of the contractual sum total.

Gift Vouchers

Is postage included in the price of a gift card?

When you order a gift card to be sent, there is an additional charge of €5, which also includes postage.

Is the voucher code valid for every tour?

Yes! You can select any tour in any city on any day using your voucher code.

Does the voucher code have a time limit?

Yes! Gift vouchers are valid for three years from date of issue.

Will the voucher’s residual value be credited?


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