What is culinary tourism or food tourism?

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We all have to eat – Culinary tourism makes every meal special

Culinary tourism or food tourism is the way to get to know a city with your tastebuds. On a culinary tour you get to explore an area through its food. It brings a new angle to a city you thought you knew. Instead of the tourist trail of landmarks, culinary tourism brings you behind the scenes to what keeps locals and tourists alike running: its food!

  • Explore a new city or your hometown
  • See places you would never find on a bus tour
  • Taste the unique diversity of different neighborhoods
  • A new perspective on familiar places

What’s one thing almost all tourists have in common? Eating at restaurants. With culinary tourism guiding your steps, you will have a unique, unforgettable eating experience.
Let culinary tourism or food tourism take you off the beaten path. We at eat-the-world, the leading provider of food tours in Germany, have been offering trendy and interesting food tours since 2008. On our unique tours, seven local businesses open their doors and their kitchens to you! You’ll hear the stories behind each restaurant, learn the quirky history hidden around the neighborhood, and most importantly, whet your appetite with delicious food samples on every stop along the way.  The best way to learn more about a city is by learning about its food, which you can easily do with food tourism.

Is culinary tourism or food tourism for me?

Culinary tourism or food tourism gives everyone a new point of view. First-time visitors will get an in-depth look at a piece of the city and a preview of local delicacies. It’s a great way to find a few restaurants to come back to during your trip. Experienced tourists can see a familiar city with a fresh set of eyes. Instead of the same old must-see tour spots in overview, culinary tourism or food tourism is on a different level. Walking tours take a slower pace and are more intimate, with small groups and sharing little-known historical facts. And for a local, a food tour can open up places to eat that you never knew about, right in your own neighborhood.

Culinary tourism or food tourism is different.

What sets our walking tours apart is our attention to detail. Every restaurant on the tour is hand-picked, locally-owned, and owner-operated. Tour guides are selected for their knowledge of the area. Tour groups are limited in size. This means that everyone has a chance to talk to the guide and the restaurant owners. Plus, the food samples are big enough to make up a lunch for most people.

Where can I experience culinary tourism or food tourism for myself?

Right now, eat-the-world offers different culinary tourism experiences in several cities all over Germany. Get in touch through our contact page to find a tour that fits your travel plans (or that takes place in your own neighborhood).

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