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Munich Haidhausen-Tour

  • Explore the origins of Haidhausen.
  • Learn about old crafts, such as traditional family businesses and the art of baking.
  • Learn about the significance of Haidhausen in relation to Munich’s brewery history.
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No English tours available? Send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.

Walking Tour Munich-Haidhausen: Where tradition and modernity meet
Munich’s former hostel quarter for artisans and laborers has now become a popular entertainment district. A great deal of shops, galleries and restaurants have called this area home, and alongside long-established businesses, provide an interesting and exciting mix for our tour. With its historic dwellings,  Haidhausen has the feel of a small village: one that will spoil us with its mouth-watering delicacies.

We begin our tour at Wiener Platz, where we´ll find a marketplace with many small stalls. We´ll then wander over to the “Cathedral of Haidhausen” and discover some old hostel buildings still housed on its narrow streets, including the city´s “French Quarter”. Join us as we explore Haidhausen´s culinary world, from its traditional family establishments to its contemporary shops and stores.

During the Haidhausen Tour you’ll learn about its history and architecture, and will also be presented with an interesting range of entertainment options. You’ll be given the opportunity to try a variety of culinary specialities and will receive recommendations to specially-selected restaurants. Come with us and get to know Munich through its food, culture and people.

You will find an exciting range of culinary stations on your tour, such as:

  • a traditional butcher shop
  • a delicatessen and gourmet food store
  • a soup and snack bar
  • a family-run pastry shop
  • a cozy café with a living room vibe

For most, the food samples are enough to constitute a full lunch. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements (vegetarian, diabetic etc). We will try to tailor our tour accordingly.
Please Note: The tour is not suitable for vegans, people with lactose or gluten intolerance, or those with nut allergies.

To book a tour in English, please contact us on our contact page, or call us at:  +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.


Tour Details

More information here:
+49 (0)30 206 22 999 0

from €33,00 per ticket; €20,00 for children up to 12 years

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, all year round
We highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit

Booking deadline:
Until two hours before the tour starts.

roughly three hours

Meeting Point:
Wiener Platz (Precise meeting point follows booking.)

This tour is not accessible by wheelchair, walker, or stroller.

The tour will take place under all weather conditions.

comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended

All food samples (enough for a meal) and an Eat the World district guide.

There is no minimum number of participants.

German and English

We taste on the go and are not seated.

Total: 4 Reviews
Ate München with delight
"Great introduction to the area where the foodie tour took place. History, architecture, the people, etc. Karen was an absolute marvellous guide. Huge breadth of knowledge and great choice of places to eat and drink. A wonderfull 4 hours. "
John M. | Kangaroo Point (AU) | München Haidhausen-Tour | 17.08.2018
  5/5 Stars
"Best tour of our trip - got to explore neighborhoods we would have never found, learned more about Munich, food was superb and our guide was excellent."
Kathleen F. | 63 Years | Charleston (US) | München Haidhausen-Tour | 08.03.2018
  5/5 Stars
"The key to understanding the Haidhausen tour is that it is a cultural / historical walking tour with some interesting snack stops along the way. The real content of the tour is about the neighborhood and its old and recent history. The discussion about food was primarily focused on naming a few of the ingredients, not the food's history or its cultural relationship to the region. In fact a few of the stops were serving quite modern food which was not traditionally German. If you go in with those expectations, the tour was very nice. The neighborhood was beautiful, the history was interesting and our guide was very enthusiastic and eager to share her passion for the location. In our case the tour was 12 German speakers and 2 English speakers. Our guide was very good at making sure we learned just as much in English and was very happy to answer all of our questions in depth. I spent the rest of the day following visiting local sites recommended by the guide and could not have been happier.

Chris, California / USA (November 2012)"
Chris | California | München Haidhausen-Tour
  5/5 Stars
"Angela, Thank you! I very much enjoyed the tour. Best wishes for this business going forward.

Jean, Minnesota / USA (November 2009)"
Jean | Minnesota / USA | München Haidhausen-Tour
  5/5 Stars
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