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Berlin Neukölln-Tour

  • Explore the pulsating, yet idyllic, life of the multicultural district represented by 160 nationalities
  • Prepare to be surprised by very creative and unique type of pizza
  • Marvel at the diverse architecture evident in everything from the Town Hall to the local corner eateries

 *** This tour is also suitable for vegans. ***

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No English tours available? Send us a message through our Contact Form or call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.

Walking Tour Berlin Neukölln: From Bohemian Rixdorf to the city’s trendiest district
Experience the cultural diversity of the once infamous, yet now hip and trendy, “it” neighborhood. Neukölln is now among one of the most popular districts in Berlin and is known for its creativity, open spirit, and—above all—its multiculturalism. In fact, about 160 cultures peacefully coexist here together! Small bars, fascinating galleries, and cozy cafés invite you to relax and make yourself at home, while the general ambiance attracts more and more artists and creative types to the popular district.

Join us as we stroll along the streets of northern Neukölln—a cultural melting pot with a majestically diverse array of culinary delights, enough, in fact, to suit every palate! The eat-the-world headquarters are located just a stone’s throw away from the historic Prussian village of Rixdorf, which served as the foundation for Berlin’s present-day district of Neukölln. Join us on a culinary adventure as we rediscover the history of Neukölln, and learn all about Rixdorf, including how the village became a Bohemian hotspot during the 18th century and continued to thrive in its own right up until the early 1900s at which point it was renamed Neukölln. You’ll even get the chance to see the remaining Rixdorf abodes which are located in the middle of the district before sauntering down the vibrant main streets including Sonnenallee and Karl-Marx-Straße as we come to the impressive Neukölln Town Hall, a truly awe-inspiring landmark of the district.

Adhering to the Bohemian spirit in which it was founded, Neukölln features an extremely varied program of culinary offerings which you will get to experience first-hand during our tour as we visit seven distinctive culinary establishments. Your taste buds will rejoice as you enjoy unique and delicious samples from around the world, all while simultaneously strolling along the streets of Berlin and absorbing the distinctive aspects of the city’s most multicultural district as your expert tour guide enlightens you on the neighborhood’s history, culture, architecture, and entertainment. Treat yourself and discover Berlin’s hidden gem on an entertaining culinary city tour!

You will find an exciting range of culinary stations on your tour, such as:

  • a notorious espresso bar
  • a modern Arabic Restaurant
  • a soulful Pizzeria
  • a creative art & music Café
  • an authentic vegan Restaurant

For most, the food samples are enough to constitute a full meal. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements you might have (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), and we will try to tailor the tour accordingly.

*We are able to offer vegan culinary samples solely on the English Berlin Neukölln tour. If you would prefer vegan samples on your tour, please inform us of this during your booking and we will be more than happy to accommodate you! 

Please Note: The tour is not suitable for those with nut allergies, or gluten intolerance.

To book a tour in English, please submit a request via our contact formor call us at: +49 (0)30 206 22 999 0.


Tour Details

More information here:
+49 (0)30 206 22 999 0

from €33,00 per ticket; €20,00 for children up to 12 years

Fridays and Sundays, all year round
We highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit.

Booking deadline:
Until two hours before the tour starts.

roughly three hours

Meeting Point:
Richardplatz (Precise meeting point follows booking.)

This tour is not accessible by wheelchair, walker, or stroller.

The tour will take place under all weather conditions.

comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended

All food samples (enough for a meal) and an Eat the World district guide.

No minimum number of participants.

English and German

We taste on the go and are not seated.

Vegan tour:
This tour is suitable for vegans. If you wish to have vegan food samples, please let us know in the booking process.

Total: 8 Reviews
"What a way to get to know a place. Fantastic guide, knowing a lot, listening to us. We got to discover great small places to eat we would have never entered in without our guide. Thanks a lot Angelika !"
Jean-Luc S. | 51 Years | Cologny (CH) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 27.10.2017
  5/5 Stars
Neukoln tour
"I enjoyed my day very much !
The tour guide was very friendly, efficient, funny and professional and you could feel that he enjoys doing what he does. 5 stars to him !

The actual tour was also very nice. Maybe a choice of sample could be interesting. and a little lower price..for younger people and or students ?"
kezia Q. | 23 Years | berlin | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 28.04.2017
  4/5 Stars
Christoph H. | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 03.02.2017
  4/5 Stars
Fun tour of Neuköln
"Nice walk around Neuköln. A lot of interesting small stories and anecdotes. Most of the foods where very good and exiting. We will most likely go on a tour in a new area at our next visit in Berlin ;) If we had lived nearer Neuköln we would most certainly have gone back to 1or 2 of the places."
Winni D. | 41 Years | Ribe (DK) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 25.11.2016
  4/5 Stars
Great tour for both locals and tourists alike
"Really good tour through a district where Berlin is still Berlin, where you feel the flair of many different nationalities and tastes. The choice of food was excellent and the afternoon very relaxed and enjoyable with our wonderful guide Ines, who lives and works in this area. Highly recommendable for people like me from Berlin, who want to get to know other districts of their home town better and tourists, who want to see what the 'real' Berlin is like off the beaten track."
Anne K. | 44 Years | Berlin (DE) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 28.10.2016
  5/5 Stars
Nice tour
"It was a really nice tour through Neukölln and our guide Castillo did a very good job. The only thing was that one place was closed for the summer so we only visited 6 places. I really like eat the world tours, and hope that youll get some more tours in English soon."
Kia A. | 30 Years | hvidovre (DK) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 12.08.2016
  4/5 Stars
"Very good trip! Good food, enough differences in taste and culture in the dishes! And a very good tourleader, if she didn't tell it was her first tour, we wouldn't have a clue, it was all very natural and professional."
Rick H. | 24 Years | Leerdam (NL) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 24.10.2015
  4/5 Stars
Neukolln surprise
" Thanks Anna, fascinating tour especially the old part of town. Some interesting food choices - and plenty to eat!"
Susan M. | Balmain (AU) | Berlin Neukölln-Tour | 24.07.2015
  5/5 Stars
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