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Walking Food Tours in Muenster

eat-the-world introduces you to Muenster with a walking food tour. Go off the beaten path, and join us on a culinary and cultural sightseeing adventure. Experience real life of Muenster, as we offer you a behind the scenes look of the city.


Walking Tour Muenster: Erpho- Hansa- and the Harbor District
Let us guide you on our tour of Muenster's three fascinating districts. Discover Muenster's residential and commercial areas, which developed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and acquaint yourself with its culinary and cultural diversity.  

Walking Tour Muenster Harbor


Walking Tour Muenster-Kreuzviertel: From peasantry to bourgeoisie
Take a stroll with us through the Kuhviertel and Kreuzviertel, where medieval, rustic buildings and remnants of modernization from the 19th and 20th centuries exist in parallel. Enjoy delicious delicacies that delight visitors and locals alike.

Walking Tour Muenster Kreuzviertel

Walking food tours in Muenster

Our walking food tours in Muenster bring you closer to the city through its people and its food. Taste delicious samples from hand-picked cafes and shops, and follow our tour guide through small neighborhoods that lie off the beaten tourist track. The walking food tours in Muenster give you an experience of the city that uses all your senses. On top of the tastes, just as with other tours you will get information on the history, culture and architecture of the neighborhood. The walking food tours in Muenster show the culinary and cultural diversity of the city. We offer two tours: the Kreuzviertel tour and the Hafen tour.

An experience you have to taste to believe: walking food tours in Muenster

We’ll take you on a delicious journey to see small, specially-selected shops, restaurants and cafes that offer unique tasting samples. During the tour we’ll also introduce you to the owners and show you the way to good food. Between the stops our Muenster local tour guide will tell you stories and history of the area. The three-hour walking food tours in Muenster also make great gifts for which gift certificates are available. With information on history, architecture and culture plus the food of the city, you’ll leave with a full belly and an incredible experience.