Become a franchisee

Join our team. Here you will find the first steps to independence with eat-the-world. Our concept is based on working in partnership and cooperation built on trust.

Step 1: The Decision
Please read about our concept thoroughly on our website and carefully go through the basic criteria

Step 2: Complete the Application Form
For your convenience, you can fill out and submit your application form  online.

Step 3: Telephone Conversation

Once we have received your documents, we will decide whether you meet the criteria for joining eat-the-world. We will then phone you and carry out an initial informative telephone interview. During the call, we will introduce you to eat-the-world and we will be able to get to know each other. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Step 4: Meeting in Person
Any further questions can be answered during a meeting in person.

Step 5: Practical Insight

If you wish, you can gain an insight into how we operate. We will invite you to one of our tours where you can get a clear idea of our concept.

Step 6: Details
Next, we will send you a sample franchise contract for inspection. There will then be a second meeting in person where we will be on hand to go through the contract with you in detail and answer any further questions.

Step 7: Partnership Agreement
After a few meetings, you will then be familiar with every aspect of our concept. At this point, we will have gotten to know each other and decided on a partnership together. We will then seal our agreement by signing the franchise contract.

Step 8: Your Training
We will guide you from signing the contract to your first tour. Our guidance will include comprehensive training and a start-up package containing all the materials necessary for you to become independent.

Step 9: Your First Tour
  At this stage, you will be very well-prepared to be independent. From experience, we know that you will have even more questions after your first tour. We will therefore carefully guide you through the initial stages. Likewise, we will support you in developing and running your second tour.

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Please contact us:

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