Frequently Asked Questions

What is franchising?

A franchise system is made up of at least two legally independent businesses, the franchiser (eat-the-world) and the franchise partner (franchisee). The franchiser possesses a proven business model and allows the franchisee to use the model regionally. The franchisee is supported by the franchiser and pays them a franchise fee in return. 

The franchisee has the right and is obliged to run a business according to the franchiser’s concept. Despite this however, they operate as an independent business.

What are the advantages of franchising?

The franchiser provides a proven business concept and a complete range of services. At eat-the-world, we have developed three cities (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich) so far and have in that time developed structures to significanty simplify setting up. There are always things which one should look out for and mistakes which must be avoided. For sole traders, developing such structures is very complicated. A franchiser on the other hand will repeatedly guide their franchisees during the setting up of a business. Through the repetition of this process, they gain experience which they can of course pass on to the franchisee. The franchisee benefits from efficient working procedures which have been tried and tested in practice.

In addition, the franchisee can employ economies of scale (e.g. for marketing campaigns or purchases). The organization of marketing campaigns is usually expensive, but it is possible to profit from this when it is organized by the franchiser, with costs then being lower. 

As a franchisee, you remain an independent businessperson. Futhermore, you can compare yourself with other franchisees and identify and address any weaknesses more quickly.

Another significant advantage of franchising is that the risk is lower for the franchisee. Thanks to the franchiser’s experience, even at the start-up phase of a business the franchisee has a proven business model in front of them. They can assess risks and rely on the fact that they will continually receive support. However, it is also extremely important that the franchisee can operate under an eestablishes brand which is already trusted from the very first day.

How do you recognise a reputable franchiser?

Franchising is a very successful business format, but this success also attracts disreputable traders. Thankfully there are very few of these “black sheep”, but they can still cause harm. Therefore, we place great value in differentiating ourselves considerably from these disreputable sellers. 
A reputable franchiser can be recognized by the fact that they offer a proven business model which promises long-term success; i.e. not only in economic boom times, but also in times of recession.
Furthermore, the franchiser also selects the franchisee very carefully, for if a franchisee fails in setting up their business, a successful franchise system experiences losses much greater than just the initial fee. Reputable franchisers therefore have a vested interest in the franchisee building up a lasting successful livelihood.

Why should I become independent with eat-the-world?

We will help you develop professional tours. We simplify the process of starting a successful food tour by providing you with all the material you’ll need. Our experience help you to do the process right the first time.

In eat-the-world’s favor is the fact that we possess a well-tried and tested and successful business model. In addition, we also offer professional support in setting up and organising your business as well as PR activities.

One advantage that must not be underestimated is the fact that we operate in a culturally meaningful area. We are not just selling any old product.  Our aim is to support and maintain small businesses locally.

Where would be a good location for eat-the-world?

You should be in a city with at least 250,000 inhabitants. It should also have at least four distinct districts (not including the city centre).
If you would like to find out whether your location is still available, simply give us a call on 030 - 530 66 165!