(Photo: Patrick Smith Photography) What is sustainability? To explain the concept of sustainability, first a counter-example: In the overfishing of the oceans more fish are caught than multiply by reproduction. This fish stocks will be permanently compromised. If fishing is not severely restricted, threatening some species extinction. What sustainability is it?

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(Photo: eat-the-world.com) Last week, assembled the team in Berlin in Berlin-Schöneberg, to participate together at the rehearsal of Schöneberg tour. We were all excited to see how the result of months of work are valued by our tour guides, which will druchführen the Schöneberg tour eventually. In perfect weather, it went off at Nollendorfplatz, the meeting place of the Schöneberg tour in Berlin. Read [...]

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(Photo: DaizyB) As different cultures in our country and on our continent, so different are the eating habits. We made a little trip around the world in terms of eating habits and considers us the different continents times closer. True to the motto "Other countries other customs" we have examined what and how we eat.

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